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Brooklyn Book Festival – FREE This Sunday (9/23)

Updated: Sep 20, 2012 22:11
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Alright Broke-Ass Bookworm Brooklynites* you’ve been waiting all year for it, the Brooklyn Book Festival. And if you haven’t been yet, what took you so long? It’s an all day completely FREE celebration of all things literary. Noted authors come from all over to participate in talks and readings. Among this year’s speakers include: Dan Savage, Joyce Carol Oates, Carol Higgins Clark, Paul Auster, Emma Straub, Sapphire, and Tony Danza. Yes, the one and only Tony Danza. A complete list can be found on their website.

The talks themselves (full event calendar HERE) sound incredibly interesting. Topics include prose about New York City, indie comic books, self-publishing, poetry, social change & the occupy movement, food, and a plethora of other events. One of the most eye catching that I came across was called, The Sex Panel: Taboo in Pictures. I’ll totally see you all at that one. There are a couple workshops that are FREE to attend as well, so if anyone out there is working on a memoir in real time stop on by. All speakers will be signing books afterward for your hero-worshiping purposes.

There are also events for younger readers, including Jeopardy with Libba Bray! If you’re anything like teenage me, you totally devoured the Great and Terrible Beauty series by this woman. There are other workshops and talks that are skewed for the young-ins. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into a modern teenage version of you with a Skrillex haircut! (Lord.) For the wee ones there are readings every half-hour. Including one by Marc Brown, author of the classic Aurthur books.

On top of all this there is a book seller’s marketplace. Vendors from all around the country will be selling their wares. There is a possibility that there will be discounts and deals offered. So be prepared to stick it to your Kindle and weigh down your bag like in the “olden” days.

*Broke-Asses from other boroughs invited, just go with the alliteration, alright?

Brooklyn Book Festival
Sunday, September 23rd from 10am-6pm
Brooklyn Borough Hall
209 Joralemon Street
[Downtown Brooklyn]

Photo Credit BrooklynHeightsBlog

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