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Anthropomorphic: The Musical (A FREE Public Workshop TONIGHT at Leslie-Lohman Gallery)

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Tonight, Puppetry arts will be showcasing their latest musical project, Anthropomorphic: The Musical at the Leslie-Lohman Gallery in SoHo.

Anthropomorphic is writer Tim Young’s baby, and is best described as being “in the beginning stages as it builds an epic musical theater project involving actors as insects and mythological creatures using mask and puppetry, bringing together a powerful story about bullying and equality in the LGBT community and how religion and politics mold people’s ideas and debates.”

These aren’t your traditional puppets on a string; in fact, these puppets are on stage interacting with the actors throughout the show, as Tim Young brings to life a world where the microscope is placed on the struggles of a man’s self-awareness and social intolerance, ultimately leading to his suicide. Anthropomorphic tells the story of Wesley, a young male who is heading towards the end of his fight with his family, identity and sexuality.

The workshop will be performed with the help of the Queer Urban Orchestra of New York, under the direction of Nolan Dresden with musical selections and script written and directed by Tim Young of Puppetry Arts and orchestrations by Cheryl Krugel-Lee and Aaron Latina. Funding for this event is provided by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Admission is FREE and the show begins at 6:30pm. After the musical is over, a wine and cheese meet and greet will take place with the artists after the performance.

For more information and a fun interaction with the puppets, you can visit the Puppetry Arts website HERE.

Anthropomorphic: The Musical
Tuesday, October 9th at 6:30pm
Leslie-Lohman Gallery
26 Wooster Street

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