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The Essential Weekend CMJ FREE Party List: Criterion Selection

Updated: Oct 18, 2012 14:53
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If you’re not going to these parties, you might as well board the next slow bus to Cincinnati. I don’t care how infuriatingly sexy all of it is going to be. I don’t care how insecure all the insouciance is going to make you feel. Did I mention that it’s free? And there is sometimes free booze too? Yeah.

The CMJs can be a bit of a nightmare. If you get stuck in a venue with a crappy line up you’re pretty screwed for the evening unless you want to pay another cover charge. All in all, the cost can put a serious damper on discovering decent bands. Because you can’t always tell from the names. I mean Harmonica Lewinski might be awesome, but then there does seem to be a rather large focus on harmonicas and unless they’re referring to the bass harmonica that could be a bad situation.

So without further ado, allow me to key you in on the must-see FREE events of the CMJs.


(all shows are FREE)

Bowery Electric: Cantora Records presents Zulu Pearls, Cruiser, and many more. 8pm

Villain BK: Pitchfork presents Death Grips, DIIV, Joey Bada$$, and more. 8pm

Cacao Prieto Distillery: Widow Jane Whiskey Launch Party – there’s FREE BOOZE with RSVP (RSVP HERE). 7pm


Day Parties:

Rockwood Music Hall: FREE BRUNCH! Plus performers such as Barcelona, Aunt Martha, and more. 12pm

Knitting Factory: FREE FOOD & BOOZE with RSVP! Plus The Denzels, Free Energy, Gold Fields, and more. 1pm RSVP HERE

Public Assembly: Brooklyn Vegan presents FREE FOOD & BOOZE! Check with them tonight for the lineup. 12pm

Night Parties:

Pianos (yeah… sigh… but it’ll be a good party crowd though): Cult Jams with Hunters, Trap Avoid, Roxy Cottontail, and more. 7pm

St Vitus (great space): Brooklyn Vegan presents Yakuza, Royal Thunder, Fight Amp, and more. Okay so it’s $5 to get in BUT there’s FREE BOOZE on the inside so good deal. 7:30pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg: Fool’s Gold 5 Year Anniversary ft. Ghostface Killah, A-track, Flosstradamus, Nick Catchdubs, and more. 10pm


The Paper Box: Do or Die Bk presents music and FREE BOOZE with RSVP. RSVP HERE today! 2pm

285 Kent: Hilly Eye, Heaven’s Gate, Potty Mouth, Ava Luna, and more. 12pm

*** You’ll notice that I have not included every party. That would defeat the point of my concise and definitive criterion selection. I have also left out parties at certain venues, because I hate them. You’ll also notice that I have neglected the Meatpacking and Tribeca. They’re for squares. Good things cannot happen there.

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Vegan


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Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

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