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Broke Ass Halloween Spectacular @ Death By Audio

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Goood Eeeevening,

I got kind of burnt out on Death By Audio about a year ago. I stopped going. But all this has changed. Call it a religious awakening. Call it a resurrection. Call it Scott Bakula’s Dracula Spectacula!

Disclaimer: I have no idea what Quantum Leap star, Scott Bakula, has to do with any of this.

Here’s the jam: Halloween night (the 31st), ghouls and gals of all shapes and terrible sizes will run, crawl, or Thriller dance their way to Death By Audio to watch no less than 5 legitimate bands cover classics from such artists as Pixies, Siouxsie & The Banshies, The Ramones, Joy Division, and more! You’ll see such great bands as Sleepies (with EULA), Mr. Dream, Acid Problem, Heaven’s Gate, The Go-Guhs, Paper Fleet, Moonmen on the Moon, and more greats as they perform seminal (yet devilish) Halloween classics.

So what’s the Broke Ass part in all this? Well it’s only $5 if you’re wearing a costume my friends. Time to bust out the toilet paper, the wigs, or even your Hall and Oates costumes, and prepare for some awesome tooombs. HAHAHAHAHA Don’t give me that shit. It was funny.

And remember, in Death By Audio no one can hear you scream!!!! Seriously, it’s super loud in that place. Bring earplugs… and maybe even your favorite crucifix…

Because it’s Scott Bakula’s Dracula Spectacula!!!!

Scott Bakula’s Dracula Spectacula
Oct. 31st at 8pm
Death By Audio (49 S 2nd St.)

Photo Credit: Death By Audio

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Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

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