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FREE Potluck and Artist Talk Show @ Flux Factory on THURSDAY 11/8

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Potlucks are basically free buffets for cheap skates. Sure, there’s a little bit of a stigma for the free loader who shows up with a $2 bottle of sprite “to share.” But screw ‘em, you’ll be fat and full and your detractors will be angry (and possibly hungry). Who wins that deal? You do. That’s right.

That’s why, my starving friends, you’ll want to mosey on over to Flux Factory in Long Island City tomorrow at 8pm for a dinner/art show. After eating your full, you will be ushered into the art gallery for a series of presentations about the collective’s upcoming projects. The artists will then host a talk show in which they interview each other. The facebook event page claims it will be “better than Oprah.”

You’ll be the judge of that, as you settle into a warm state of semi-consciousness after wolfing down far more than your fair share of the delicious potluck.

Participants include Irene Lee, who will explain the art of storytelling, Nathaniel Sullivan, who wants to take you on a speed date, Phuc Le, and Aliya Bonar.

The Flux Factory gallery – which houses an art collective as well as a residency program – has been promoting artistic innovation since 1994. Just this year, they have already hosted several well-received and totally rad events, such as October’s Masked Marvelous Cocktail Party. They are currently putting together the “ 2013 Sexy (Wo)(Men) of Flux Calendar.” Maybe if you’re good, they’ll put you on the mailing list.

Flux Thursday
Thursday Nov. 8th at 8pm
Flux Factory (39-31 29th St.)
[Long Island City]

Photo Credit: Flux Factory

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Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

Jules Owen - Wandering Wastrel

Going to a rich kid school when you aren't even given an allowance certainly trains you to live large on the cheap. Armed with such expertise, Jules travelled the globe, surviving off of 50 cent beers and 2 dollar meals everywhere from Buenos Aires to Mumbai. Three years ago he returned to the United States, living first in Baltimore while he settled a debt with the IRS, then in Brooklyn where he plays music and writes. He aspires to one day live in a van on N.15th and Kent.