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FREE Pros(e) Anthology Release Party TODAY at Happy Endings

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Red Umbrella Diaries is back with its monthly installment at Happy Endings in the Lower East Side!

After prepping some former and current sex workers’ writing skills through the RedUP’s Becoming Writers Workshop, the RedUP group is ready to celebrate their graduation as writers who can now articulate their own stories for the world to read. This is the first of a two night event, the second which will take place in January 2013, but you won’t want to miss out.

Former sex worker/teacher and current RedUP alum, Melissa Petro, will be hosting the Pros(e) Anthology Release Party as the first Becoming Writers Workshop Alumni share their stories. Participants will include Dominick, Essence Revealed, Veronica Vera and Aimee Herman.  Also, copies of the first Pros(e) Anthology issue will be available to purchase and take home during the event.

You must be 21 and over to attend and the event is absolutely FREE.

For more info about the Red Umbrella Diaries please visit their site HERE.

Pros(e) Issue #1 Literary Journal Release & Celebration of Becoming Writers Hosted by Melissa Petro
Thursday, December 6th from 8-10PM
Happy Endings
302 Broome Street (between Forsyth and Eldridge)
[Lower East Side]

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