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Four Ways To Possibly Get Rid of Writer’s Block

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OK so let’s just jump right into it, because I’m fucking bored, perpetually heartbroken this week, and just not really into anything. Usually that’s when I get my best writing done but lately all I can do is sit in bed and like, cry, or play this new-ish Simpsons game I got on my phone. So I’ve been all, “What’s the fuckin’ deal dude? How do I rid myself of this block? How do I write my feelings instead of tweeting about them or whatever all the stupid time.?” (Which I do, all the time, anyway.) So I did a very important brainstorm with some hell of important and genius colleagues and these are some of the things I came up with.

Photo taken from SizzlePie’s instagram

1. Cry onto your laptop/typewriter/notepad/etch-a-sketch – Just let it out. Do word association. What the fuck are you feeling? How are you feeling about how you’re feeling? Who is making you feel this way? Does it suck? Is it awesome? Do you wish there was someone you were hanging out with, is there somewhere you would rather be? Just write it out, plain and simple. Therapize yourself through writing down random words, if you have to. 90% of what you write could be total fucking garbage, but if 10% of it is rad and pretty and empathetic, that’s better than it was before, and that’s better than nothing. You know? So it’s ok, if you wanna cry. Just don’t get tear water into anything electric.

2. Think of a weird/horrible/super-fun thing you did one time – I know it’s hard to think of in times like this, but I’m sure there was a really impactful relationship in your life that really inspired some sort of passionate emotion in you. Right? I’m sure you have felt feelings before. Or maybe you’ve done drugs a couple times. Write about that! Ask yourself, again, was it awful? Was it a blast? Are you all Bill Hicks about drugs because of it? Tell the universe the story. Start at the beginning of the night/day. Don’t worry about forgetting details – we’ll forgive you, you were on drugs. Plus I’m sure it was a long time ago. (Wink.) Just reconnect with that experience and use your words to describe it from start to finish.

 Photo taken from my crazy partying lifestyle.

3. Go out and fucking party – So maybe you haven’t had any fun experiences/you have been too wasted/lovestruck to remember them clearly. Well go out and party, man, because life was meant to be lived, anyway, not written or read. (Even though those two things help me, immensely, through everything.) Take notes throughout the night, even if their mental ones. Was there some total babe that caught your eye? Did someone do something horrible to someone? Did something horrible happen? Are you horrible? Just go out there and get out of your bed and stop being such a whiny little bitch about whatever you’re going through because we all have had that friend. You don’t want to be that friend.

Photo taken from some dude’s Tumblr, one time.

4. Read a rad book – I just started a book club with my friend who moved to Portland because he got dumped by both of his girlfriends and is in the midst of a nervous breakdown and it’s been great fodder for thoughts, and writing. We are reading the book Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor and I would highly recommend reading/discussing it, but by no means does this have to be your thing. Read and think about/discuss the many metaphors present in The Cat in The Hat, if you want. Fuck. Read Ulysses if you are a genius and are a lot smarter than me, which is totally likely. (Definitely probably accurate).

 Then that’s all I have for now. Do you have a good idea about how to get rid of writer’s block/struggle through the darkness of depression and make it creative? I realize most of the advice I give eventually ends in “you should go out and party, man” but that’s only because partying rules and is the best thing in the universe. Ask my friend. Ok I gotta go. I think they’re onto me.

Here’s me, all totally indifferent to your suffering, and shit.

Later days,


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