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Slipper Room: Ladies Night All Out

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Before the holiday season I had the privilege of escorting one of my favorite artists to the Slipper Room. It had been ages since I had A) seen burlesque and B) seen good burlesque. My friend had not been since they remodeled their location (167 Orchard Street) to now include an upstairs space to allow for more seating. This venue is absolutely gorgeous, so gorgeous in fact that it was featured in the pilot of Mad Men. The shimmery vintage wallpaper and ornate light fixtures take you back to an era where you feel like Don Draper and the boys would be perched right over your shoulder, waiting to see the next titillating act.

And the performers are exquisite. This isn’t just beautiful ladies taking their clothes off to groovy tunes, this is artistry. Each one of these women understands the kitsch of this vocation; it takes more than sly winks and pursed lips. These girls have talent for days; Harvest Moon’s feats of acrobatic strength, the magnificent coordination of hula hooping Pinkie Special, and Dangrr Doll’s frisky fun go-go.

But these ladies are only a snippet of the bevy the Slipper Room has to offer. Let us not forget the gentlemen who keep us on the edge of our seats while pasties are glued and sequins are arranged. The MCs are just as important to this operation. I’ve been privileged enough to see the sideshow flair of Albert Cadabra and the hilarious antics of Bastard Keith and his spanking competition. Again, these two are only a fraction of the personalities in this category.

So the big question, worth your time and bigger question, worth your money. Yes and YES! Here’s how you plan your burlesque night:

  1. Pregame and eat. Drinks aren’t cheap and no food is served. But the alcohol rations are generous if you choose to booze.
  2. Get there early. Seating is first come first serve. If you want to be in the front you’ve got to show up before the doors open at 7 pm  I did enjoy being upstairs near the railing, exceptional view either way.
  3. Go on a night that has a few shows. Maximize the fact that you just paid $15, because you can stay the whole night and each show is totally different.
  4. Bring a few singles. You know you’ve got crumpled dollars from when you broke that twenty earlier in the week, put it to good use during the Go-Go portion of the evening. Just think if you had to dance for an hour you’d like some money tossed at you or politely placed in your undergarments.
  5. Be over 21. Sorry kids you’ll have to wait to see the dancing girls.

Check the calendar for special event nights and have fun. Enjoy a swinging night of entertainment in the Lower East Side.

For more information visit

Slipper Room
Tuesdays-Saturday from 9pm-3am
167 Orchard St (between Stanton St & Rivington St)
[Lower East Side]

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