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BA of the Week: Poet Natalie Raymond

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Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit — probably not.

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Natalie is a poet/artist/gemini. She got a fancy degree in poetry & then decided to go get a fancy advanced degree in poetry as well. She makes videos, & poems, & pictures, & stuff which can be found on her blog. She also vlogs about poetry sometimes. Let’s chekc out her insights into brokeitude.

Name: Natalie (after the soap opera character on All My Children whose evil twin, Janet, repeatedly steals her life/kids/husband).

Age: In between.

Occupation: Poet.

What neighborhood do you live in?: Prospect Park South, BK. (It’s really Flatbush).

Best money saving tip: Only eat rice from 5lbs bags purchased at the corner bodega. Not only will you save a shitload of money, you will also develop that oh-so-popular waif-ish starvation look.

What do you refuse to spend money on?: Paper towels. Toilet paper works for everything.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought: A B.A. in poetry from The New School…

How’d that feel?: Like a stroke wrapped in a bacon blanket sautéed in unfulfilled promise.

Favorite cheap eat: The Caribbean cafeteria a few blocks from my place. That curried tofu is the shit.

Favorite dive bar: The Lincoln Park Tavern. I bring all my gentlemen callers there.

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: I found an Alexander McQueen scarf on the ground a while back… is that a deal?

Favorite free thing to do: Feel superior to the people reading romance novels in public.

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?: My apartment. Then one of those giant kitty condos.

Despite not having money, do you still love your life?: Most of the time…. like 93.7% of the time.

Do you own my book?: Er….um….of course….

Best hangover cure: Water, vitamin B12, & keepin’ yer eyes closed.

Are you a hipster?: I was born & raised in Portlandia, & now I live in Brooklyn. I couldn’t NOT be a hipster if I tried.

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