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Not all the branches are as regal…

It feels like 20-something New Yorkers are always on the search for something free.  Whether this be a meal, an outfit, or a subscription to boxes of monthly promotional presents that no one actually wants, label something 100% off and suddenly the masses are running!

Subsequently, it startles me how few of my friends have acquired an elite (and FREE) membership to the New York Public Library. (And yes, there’s another reason to visit that huge building off Bryant Park other than taking pictures of the place where Carrie almost married Big).

Having a red and blue plastic library card dangling off my keychain may look a little nerdy (but come on, who am I kidding) but it’s seriously the key to everything wonderful about the city.

To apply for a library card, all you need is a piece of mail with your NYC address on it.  Any borough.  And then, literally millions of free things are all but thrown your way.

The branch system of the NYPL is one of its strongest components.  In my neighborhood, there are three branches each less than a five minute walk away.  While these small branches sometimes have a scent resembling a preschool sandbox or an upscale homeless shelter, there’s no need to spend much time actually inside the branch– thank you, internet. But for those looking for a work spot without the pressure of buying a $6 latte, the desks and tables are not that bad…

Cancel your Netflix subscription, log onto NYPL, and request a DVD. Or 100.  Your queue will be ready, and yes, the branch may be a few extra steps from your mailbox but the price is certainly worth it.

For those of us who don’t even want to leave the house, eNYPL brings a whole new level of free, at-home entertainment.  Download ebooks, kindle materials, audiobooks and more directly to your computer/ savvy internet device!  Reading has never been so easy.  And cheap!  Plus, no late fees, for the more forgetful among us.

Unleash your inner nerd, movie buff, or collector of all things cheap and get out to an NYPL branch today for endless hours of absolutely free fun!

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Melissa Kravitz - Discount Diva

Melissa Kravitz - Discount Diva

While being New York’s most fabulous resident consumes most of her time, Melissa also enjoys excessive amounts of shopping, visiting museums, reading chick lit, crafting, cooking five meals a day, and befriending cute puppies. Melissa considers herself NYC’s ultimate pasta expert. Melissa also works as a publisher for Inside New York ( Read her blog ( or follow her on twitter (@melissabethk).

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