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VANILLA ICE vs MICK JAGGER: Who Would You Rather Be?

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Deep thoughts with Stuart and I.

The other day I ran in to Broke Ass Stuart eating pizza at shop on Valencia. He invited me to sit down … and so I did. I ate pizza he had wings. We pondered the greater things in life, talked about heavy topics, questioned the meaning of many things … and then the conversation got HEAVY! “So Stefan, (I GOT WORRIED) would you rather be Vanilla Ice or Mick Jagger?”

Instantly I assumed this must be a trick question. The answer was so easy! Obviously I’d be Vanilla Ice! Who in their right mind would pick Mick Jagger? Vanilla Ice had steps in his hair, stripes in his eyebrow, rollin’ in his 5.0 with his ragtop down so his hair can blow! The thought of It makes me want to grab my boombot, a U.S.A. jacket and cruise up and down Mission just blasting “Ice, Ice Baby!”

I was lost in my imagination when Stuart snapped me out of it. “WRONG!” He was looking at me like I was the dumbest thing he’d seen since the shake weight. Then he exclaimed, “Are you freaking serious? You didn’t choose Mick Jagger, Rolling Stones, rock and roll, the mother effin Godfather of rock!? (I can’t remember if that’s what he actually said … but you can imagine!!!) You must crazy … and actually you’re WRONG!” So for the last week or so I’ve been debating wether or not I was wrong … then the other night I asked a friend, “Who would you rather be Mick Jagger or Vanilla Ice?” To which they responded, “Vanilla Ice, DUH!” And so now I’m asking you, please choose who’s right, me for picking Vanilla Ice or Stuart for picking Mick Jagger. It’s your turn to vote! Vanilla_Ice_VS_Mick_Jagger_Playlist2

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Stefan Aronsen

Stefan Aronsen

I am the co-founder of Balanced Breakfast, a meetup for music industry professionals. No, I do not sing or play any instruments ... but I have tried! My passion for music began at 7 when my parents bought me a drum set. I was BAD at drums. So I moved on, joined the school band, and played clarinet. I was BAD at the clarinet. Trying and failing at instruments continued through elementary school and into college. It turns out that while I could recognize good music; I lacked the skill to make it.

Now I'm broke, beautiful, and writing about music for Stuart...