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Get Ready for the 2013 Aputumpu Music Festival

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The 2013 Aputumpu Music Festival is here! And it’s invading music venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn this weekend including Public Assembly, Webster Hall, Joe’s Pub and more. Over 40 bands are taking the stage and bringing you a different theme with each night from a wide range of music. Whether you’re looking to stage dive to some indie punk, dance the night away with some electronic, or mellow out with some folk; you’ll find what you’re looking for this weekend.

Tonight, anyone over the age of 19 can stop by the Studio at Webster Hall for a night of indie pop with Computer Magic, Not Blood Paint, Cultfever, Friend Roulette, Manican Party, and Modern Rivals. But if you’re looking to catch a few crowd surfers and shove some strangers inside of a moshpit, then you might want to head over to Public Assembly for a double dose of punk rock and electronic. Two shows will be going on simultaneously in the front and back room with FREE booze!

Tomorrow night will be the end of this rad festival with a mix of indie, lo-fi, punk rock, and tunes being spun for all ages by DJ Keili and Narkatta. The bands set to perform at Ran Tea House include He Met Her, The Netherlands Speedy Ortiz, Eula and more.

For $10 advanced tickets to one of these shows, you can visit the Aputumpu Eventbrite page here. For more information about this festival please visit the Aputumpu Music Festival homepage.

2013 Aputumpu Music Festival
Thursday, March 28th-Saturday, March 30th
Price: $10 Advanced Tickets/$12 at the Door
[Manhattan & Brooklyn]

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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