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The 2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival Needs Your Help

Updated: Apr 10, 2013 16:35
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You read the title. Now, you might be asking yourself: What is the NY Funny Songs Festival and why does it need my help?

Great questions!

This unique four-day festival celebrates the marriage between comedy and music. More than 50 comedy musicians come together to perform in more than 18 shows, spread out across 50 independent venues scattered around Manhattan’s Lower East Side. NY Funny Songs Fest brings laughs, joy, catchy tunes, and, most importantly, it delivers credibility to a neglected subgenre that combines music and comedy.

Last year’s First Annual NY Funny Songs Festival included New York-based comedian Jessica Delfino, Rob Paravonian, Jen Kwok, Ben Lerman, Soce the Elemental Wizard and more. It was such a hit that these comedy rock stars were featured on The New York Times and Timeout NY.

This year, however, Jessica Delfino and company have taken their talents to the good ol’ internet, looking to raise money for the festival’s budget for its sophomore celebration. Donations can be made through the NY Funny Songs Kickstarter page, where Ms. Delfino (and her rape whistle) can be seen with Jen Kwok, Mel and El, Rob Cantrell and others, showcasing the verbal slurs regularly hurled towards comedic music.

The festival has an $8,000 goal that needs to be reached by Friday, April 19th, and they’re not even halfway there yet.

So if you like to laugh and sing, or if you prefer to sing before you laugh, please try to help and make this festival the best it can be. If you help them reach their goal you may join them on a field trip to see Weird Al Yankovic. If you don’t, a puppy will die. Don’t let a puppy die.

The 2nd Annual NY Funny Songs Fest will run from Thursday, May 30th-Sunday, June 2nd. Follow the cause on Twitter at @nyfunnysongs and stay tuned for more info.

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