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FREE: Compulsion Opening Reception at Mark Miller Gallery

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Compulsive decisions are fun. Wouldn’t you agree? Artists Dina Brodsky and Maria Kreyn would. That’s why they have come together to present New Yorkers with a month-long exhibit exploring compulsiveness at the Mark Miller Gallery on Orchard Street from May 8th-June7th.

Compulsion explores exquisite pieces from artists who “focus obsessively on a single endeavor.” A total of 16 artists will be on display including K. Nancy Fang, James Linkous, Tun Myaing and John Haverty. If you enjoy variety in your art, you’ll be satisfied with the paper sculptures alluding to the future, 3D images birthed through glass drawings, oil paintings, ink drawing and more!

On Friday, May 10th you can stop by Compulsion’s Opening Reception between 6pm-8pm. It’ll be a night of beautiful weather, wine and art. Sounds like the perfect end to the workweek.

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Compulsion Opening Reception
Friday, May 10th from 6pm-8pm
Mark Miller Gallery
92 Orchard Street
[Lower East Side]

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