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2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival Takeover

Updated: May 29, 2013 23:54
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The 2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival will be emitting hilarity throughout various venues across New York City this weekend including Santo’s Party House, Joe’s Pub, The Living Room and much more!

With funny lady Jessica Delfino at the helm, the festival was able to raise enough money through its Kickstarter campaign, and now you can be serenaded into a humor-filled coma starting tonight at the FREE NYFSF Registration & Happy Hour Mixer at Santo’s Party House.

This festival will have something for everybody this weekend. Perhaps you’re a struggling comedic musician looking to get paid, well then, the Funny for Money Industry Panel at the Living Room can put you on the road to the riches for diamond rings.  If you happen to have a few miniature versions of yourself, you can attend the Kids Write Their Own Funny Songs workshop, also at the Living Room, on Saturday, June 1st. The laughter dies down on Sunday, June 2nd, where a lucky few will be taking the Weird Al Yankovic Field Trip at 5pm.

For more information, ticket inquiries and schedule regarding the 2nd Annual New York Funny Songs Festival, visit You can also follow the weekend’s activities on Facebook and Twitter (@NYFunnySongs). Remember to use the #NYFSF hashtag!

2nd Annual Funny Songs Festival
Thursday, May 30th-Sunday, June 2nd
Price: $10-$12
Various Locations
[New York City]

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