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Broke-Ass Decorating: Kitchen Organization

Updated: Jul 30, 2013 21:11
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After stuffing far too many whisks and strainers and spoons in recycled takeout containers, I realized that a new organization method in my 2×2 kitchen might be appropriate.  A lack of counter spaces and complete absence of any form of drawer left few options with how to deal with my ever-growing collection of cooking utensils (the Salvation Army just has so many for so cheap).

Desperate to get a bit more counter space, I used the only supply I had available, pushpins, to create a type of kitchen organization system. Aligned on the wall about two inches apart, these pushpins allow for perfect hanging space for most of my utensils, and easier access while cooking!  To make the kitchen look a little less, um, DIY, I strung holiday lights over the pushpins, which also help to illuminate my cooking space!

The entire project took about five minutes and definitely helped spruce up a tiny kitchen.

look at that pretty kitchen!

look at that pretty kitchen!

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Melissa Kravitz - Discount Diva

Melissa Kravitz - Discount Diva

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