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City Shutterscape- RYE RYE And MicahTron Bring Them to Their Knees 8/3

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In this installation, Fabian catches the jubilant throngs as they proclaim their love for RYE RYE and our lovely Broke-Ass of the Week alumnus, MichahTron as they spin lyrics into gold. Among the scenesters and their unparalleled sartorial offerings was lucky reader Julius Bufkin who was the recipient of  Hard French’s magnanimous all-day pass, which started at the earlier El Río party featuring GLAMAMORE and segued into the hysteria at Public Works.  Job well done, Julius! Drop us a note, so we know you’re still walking.

Be sure to tune in here for more party/ concert give-aways in the future and if you just NEED to get more pictures and video of the RYE RYE show, go here to check out Fabian’s BRAND NEW website where he captures and catalogues San Francisco’s inimitable nightlife scene.- Ed.


The incandescent RYE RYE.


Mill and mix.

MicahTron opens their ears.

Lexi Laphor statuesque-ing.

Glance should you dare.

Local sweetness.

Keepers of the faith.

Zakaria Ibrahimi gilds instruction.

Jocquese Whitfield public working.

She shines to them.

And they to her.

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Fabian Echevarria- Frugal Photo Pro

Fabian Echevarria- Frugal Photo Pro

Known for a highly developed sense of thrift amongst friends and coworkers, Fabian’s gift of making that minimum wage paycheck last is hard to beat. Two things you can count on with Fabian: he always packs a lunch and brings his own cheap booze. He also seems to have a knack with his favorite media, photography.You could find him at parks, beaches, and night life events throughout San Francisco, camera generally in hand.

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