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Get Weird in Brooklyn with Matthew Silver’s Circus of Dreams

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Imagine seeking refuge between two realities, where the waking life and the Sandman’s realm sit on each end, once every two weeks, in attempt to study each one’s logic.

Enter the Circus of Dreams.

This is entertainment mixed with art…and a little weirdness. It’s the penultimate gathering of the extreme, bold, eccentric, free-spirited creatures; children of New York’s underground scene still dwelling beneath the surface of Bloomberg’s regime.

And it all happens at the Bizarre in Bushwick. It’s FREE. It’s a little crazy, but who doesn’t love a little crazy?

Performance artist Matthew Silver is your host. He gathers the best weirdos you can find across the five boroughs.

This week he presents Dream CloudSsssss with Rush Aaron Hicks, La Luna, Josh Martin & AJ Pflumm, Courtney Leigh Novak, Hiroshi Schafer & Sherry Aliberti, Darcey Leonard & Simon Seapony, Conclusionary Practices, and Miss Coney Island 2013: Miss Cherry Delight.

Circus of Dreams
Wednesday, August 28th at 9pm
12 Jefferson Street

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

My father came, my mother saw...and I conquered. I encourage children to do drugs, I buy alcohol for teenagers, and I drink beer with the homeless. In my spare time, I attend art galleries for the FREE booze while rubbing elbows with modish elephants. I also hammer six-inch nails into small penises. Stuart knighted me as Broke-Ass King of New York. You've been warned.