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Super-Sonic: The Battle of the FREE Endless Running Mobile Game. (Sonic not included)

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FREE video games are everywhere; how do you choose which games to download, and which to avoid? Well, I’m here to help. Last week, I freed you from your entrapment of the dreaded Candy Crush, and that is only the beginning. I’m going to be here once a week to tell you about the best FREE video games, and which ones down right suck. I play these games so you don’t have to. This week, I’m giving you five FREE games. You have five different games to choose from! All of them, completely FREE! I believe in FREE gaming. I think it is the way of the future and, hopefully, we will see more FREE games in the future. Right, on to the games.

These games are top notch, all of them, so choosing anyone of these will be a hell of a lot better for you than Candy Crush. (Have I mentioned I hate Candy Crush? I’m sure you’ll hear about a lot of things I hate. I hate a lot of things. Sometimes, people find it funny when I’m angry.) So these games are all endless running games as the title dictates. What does that mean? Good question, Toby. It means that in these games you will keep running until you hit something, fall off the level, and/or die in any other weird way. These games are fast paced and not for the weak of heart. You have to really pay attention.

Subway Surfers – This game was absolutely 100% amazing, until I stopped playing for a while and lost all of my collected time. I tell you, there is nothing worse than spending countless hours on a game, building up your characters and collecting as much as you can; then sure enough you go back and there is nothing left but a score of the hours you plugged into the game. What makes it so much worse is seeing your ex-girlfriend beat your score. There is nothing worse in the universe than losing in a game against your ex and not being able to beat the score without over 20 hours of game play. I may have a little bias against this game for that, but it’s still not terrible, and in these days, that means something. This game is great for all ages and is really addictive, but it is not the best on this list.

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Iron Man – Okay, this game isn’t a running game, but it’s in the same style of gameplay. This game is a lot of fun and is really in depth for a FREE game. In the game, you fly around with all of your favorite Iron Man outfits–you fly and avoid obstacles. There is a full selection of suits that you can upgrade through gameplay or through paying for the upgrade. (But who has money for that?) There is even a storyline in this game, which is rare for running games. This game is challenging and not for young gamers, it has a lot of amazing features though. The one major drawback of this game: it uses a lot of power on your phone. I ran the game on my Nexus 7–one of the best tablets on the market–and the game ran well, but I’ll be damned if the thing didn’t heat up like a two college freshman free from parents rule for the first time. This game needs a powerful system to run it, and it is hot, but if you can deal with that, then you should check it out.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush – This is truly a great game for all ages. It has a fun game style, good gameplay, it doesn’t pressure you to pay too much, and can be played on many devices. If you like the movie series, you’re bound to love this game. There are a ton of references to the series and it has its own storyline. It’s a little silly, but that’s the point of games like these. If you are just looking for a game to play while waiting in line for the new iProduct, only to forget about it until you find yourself out in the cold waiting for the next iProduct, then this game is perfect for you. It’s not complicated and is good for short, quick fun.

Temple Run 2 – Temple Run is a game of many faces. You’ve got the original Temple Run, which was okay. Then there is Temple Run Brave, which was a fun twist. Then there is Temple Run Oz, which I haven’t played. Now, there is Temple Run 2. Temple Run 2 is fun, but in the same way that the original Temple Run was fun. It is exactly what it was, and I’m not the biggest fan of how they handled moving on the board–I hate when a game makes me constantly keep turning the device to move the character. I look like a moron in public playing the games. Sure, I could just stop playing in public, but that’s not going to happen. The best thing I can say about Temple Run 2 is that it isn’t the original Temple Run, and at the same time, it’s exactly the same thing as the original. Also, where is the version called Table Run where I play as Woody from Toy Story?

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 – This game, in my opinion, is the best fucking game on this list. Seriously, it is amazing. It’s a little different from the others on the list, mostly because it is a 2D endless running game. I know, the switch from the third dimension to second really is a game changer, but it’s simply the best. It’s like god shat out this holy game. Only big issue is having to pay for music. I was looking forward to taking the subway and playing this game on max and sing terribly with the music, screeching out “Alllllllllllllways I want to be with you, make believe with you, and live in Harmony. Oh, yeah!” Wouldn’t that just make your day, if some idiot was screaming that on your way to work? Seriously, if you haven’t installed and played this game yet, you need to, and join team Rainbow, we need your help!

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Kyle Polo - Penniless Freak Gamer

Kyle Polo - Penniless Freak Gamer

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