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CONFLUENCE: A Collection of Divergent Styles (the new show at Upper Playground)

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It had been a while since I got my cultural rocks off so I stopped by the FIFTY24SF gallery last night for the opening of  CONFLUENCE and was pleasantly sated by the whole experience.

Her by Zio Zigler

What’s neat about this show is its diversity. Featuring 23 different artists, the small space was really able to pack a punch. The pieces ran from very large to very small and everything meandered from the pop-surrealism UP is know for to decidedly more modern pieces than are usually on display at FIFTY24SF. The show itself is anchored by Zio Zigler’s Her (pictured above), but the colorful work that emanates from this centerpiece in no way pales in comparison. Here are some shots of what I felt to be highlights:

Seppuku by Sam Flores

For the Motherland and One Sweet Dream II by William Arvin

Hive by Lauren YS

Bridge by Damon Soule

Go check out the show. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday from 12-6. Admission is FREE, but hurry over there if you want to buy a piece, because they will surely go fast. Trust me, the pictures above don’t do justice to the collection as a whole.

And thanks, Upper Playground for remaining a relevant source of artistic expression for well over a decade.

218 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 861-1960

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