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“Singulariteen” Premiers Saturday, September 7th at the EXIT Theater

Updated: Sep 05, 2013 14:07
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This weekend , get a chance to “spend the apocalypse at home with the family” and see the world premier of the play Singulariteen for as little as nine bucks. Singulariteen will Premier Satuday, September 7th at the EXIT Theater, as part of the Fringe Theater Festival.

The play is billed as a family comedy about the end of the world, in whatever form that may take, be it World War III, the Second Coming, or the Technological Singularity. This might not seem like the best material from which to draw comedy, but it’s nothing new to have the anxieties of a time expressed, and perhaps mitigated, through humor. We’re becoming increasingly hung up on the idea the world will end in an ever expanding array of potential catastrophes. Apocalypse fever might be at its highest since the end of the Cold War, so why not at least laugh about it?

Writer Patrick M Brennan says he was inspired by the “untapped comedy potential in our modern state of techno-euphoria, not to mention all the peripheral currents of paranoia swirling around our culture.” Initially, he was worried about the play and its subject matter being too far out for a comedy, but he says the cast is making it come alive and expects them to deliver lots of laughs. He has worked closely with the director, Hester Schell, during the rehearsal process.

This rehearsal-based revision process has been disruptive to the cast and crew, but, Brennan says, they have handled it very well. Singulariteen featueres an ensemble cast of up-and-coming Bay Area stage actors with excellent comic chops, and Brennan is impressed with how they have been able to bring the play to life. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this strange bit of culture make its debut. The theater is located only a few blocks from Powell Street BART, so you can at least say you took BART to the end of the world.

You can either purchase tickets on line or buy them at the door. 25% of seats will be reserved for purchase at the door, and are expected to sell out quickly, so get there fast Tickets are nine dollars at the door. If you can’t make it to Singulariteen, check out some of the other attractions of the Fringe Festival .

Sept 7th 10:30 PM
Sept 8th 2:30 PM
Sept 14th 2:30 PM
Sept 20th 9:00 PM

The EXIT Theater
156 Eddy Street
[The Tenderloin]

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