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PHOTOS: Cheap Halloween At Its Finest.

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My neighborhood is broke-ass to a tee. Around here, we live for Free-Detergent-Tuesdays and $2 pizza. Walk down Knickerbocker with twenty one-dollar bills, and you can find a different 99c store to spend each one of them.

But if you think austerity measures mean no grand displays of frivolous, transitory fun, then you clearly haven’t been here for Halloween. Bushwick proper does cheap festivities like no other place I know.

Observe, and be inspired…

Welcome to Brooklyn…


…where you can get a mini pumpkin for just 99c!


All full size ones will be taken hostage.


But, really, we’re very friendly here…


…especially to children.


We only behead those whose faces we’d like on the wall.


But given our sense of aesthetics…


…well, I guess you better watch out.


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All images taken on my broken iPad. Apple, want to thank me for the product ad and fix it for me pretty please?

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Daisy Rawcliffe - Vafrous Vagabond

Daisy Rawcliffe - Vafrous Vagabond

Daisy grew up in the English countryside, where money grew on apple trees and blackberry bushes. But for her 13th birthday, she got a backpack, which she instantly dragged across the Sinai Desert, and has been hauling around ever since. It has now explored four continents, and collected her the information she uses to convince people to go on holiday, which pays her the pittance she lives off. After too much time in a tent, she's currently trying to adjust to the norms of civilised society, which, fortunately, seem fairly lax in Brooklyn.