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FREE Comedy Tonight: Fortress of Attitude Apartment Comedy Show

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Guess who’s back?

It’s New York’s own Fortress of Attitude!

Pat Stango, Clayton Gumbert and Gregg Zehentner are hosting another laugh-out-loud apartment comedy show tonight. And guess what? Your broke-ass is invited to laugh, get wasted, and make good used of their liquid soap. (I’m told they have buckets of the stuff.)

Check out tonight’s lineup:

Luke Cunningham (writer for Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon)
Jared Logan (Best Week Ever)
Michelle Wolf (Carolines Comedy Club)
Adam Conover (College Humor)
— Party Pope!
— Halloween 2013 in Review
The shenanigans begin at 7:30pm at their apartment in SoHo. Take the elevator and don’t forget to ring the bell.

Fortress of Attitude Comedy Show
Friday, November 8th at 7:30PM
152 Wooster Street Apt. 6A (Take elevator up and ring bell)

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

My father came, my mother saw...and I conquered. I encourage children to do drugs, I buy alcohol for teenagers, and I drink beer with the homeless. In my spare time, I attend art galleries for the FREE booze while rubbing elbows with modish elephants. I also hammer six-inch nails into small penises. Stuart knighted me as Broke-Ass King of New York. You've been warned.