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FREE TONIGHT: Get Drunk and Learn About the History of Partying in Brooklyn

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Get drunk and party while learning or…learn about the history of partying while getting shitfaced!

Tonight you can join the Society for the Advancement of Social Studies (S.A.S.S) at The Bedford as they bring you three lectures that will teach you all about the history of partying. Find out who partied hardest in ancient Rome, the many ways in which “The Man” has tried to crack down and criminalize dance parties, and brief history which details how parties have been associated with death and funerals.

A special themed drink will be available for your alcoholic needs. And what’s a party teaching you about the history of parties without a DJ? An ironic travesty. Don’t worry, there will be a DJ all night. Doors open at 7pm and the lectures will begin at 7:30pm.

S.A.S.S is proud to present a series of FREE lectures designed to both entertain and enlighten. One Tuesday each month, they meet at The Bedford to discuss a different historical topic that you probably knew at one point, but don’t remember anymore. Plus, there’ll be themed-drink specials. For more information about S.A.S.S, please visit

The History of Partying
Tuesday, January 14 at 7pm
The Bedford
110 Bedford Ave at N.11th

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Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

Enrique Grijalva - Mr. Minimum Wage

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