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These 3 Websites Are a Musician’s Best Friend

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The internet is, for lack of better word, full of crap. Anyone with an IP address can hop online and write anything they want. As a result, parody news sites, inaccurate information and a host of sycophantic facts about one’s beliefs, causes or (in the case of Facebook) political propaganda tend to bombard our thought patterns and affect our choices. Thank heavens for the block feature. I have blocked so many people on my Facebook page because of their unsolicited political commentary that I might as well be down to just the people I actually associate with in real life. We may have been a generation raised by a television set, but our successors (if that’s what you want to call them) will have been raised by Instagram. Let that sink in for a minute.

I digress.

For struggling musicians, the overwhelming flow of information can cause an erratic sense of FOMO (or Fear Of Missing Out). This can be particularly troubling while trying to navigate one’s own short-term and long term career plans and solving problems. Perhaps I can save you some time. I would like to introduce to you three websites may very well become your best friend, offering you advice, news and information, pro tips and much more.

Why you should make friends. is essentially used to download, transfer, edit and save pro-audio. Available on most programs including IOS, Mac and Windows, the application is compatible with everything from Ableton to Harrison Mixbus and every recording program in between.

When is the right time to use the website.

When you’re recording with producers, engineers or artists that are out of town, overseas or can’t seem to find the time to get together, is go-to. Keep in mind, all users must download the program which ranges from 5GB of storage space to 250GB of storage space (monthly or annual charges may apply for 10GB and up).

Other special perks of the website

Check out for advice, tips and information about updates to, news updates and user stories.

Their twitter handle.

Download the app ( and keep up with and follow @gobbler.

Why you should make friends. (MTT) offers professional news and information on multiple aspects of the music industry including (most recently) creating smarter music goals, feeling disappointed in your career and (perhaps most importantly) earning money from your music.

When is the right time to use the website?

When you are getting serious about advancing your music career, visit the archive section for information on your specific interests. It’s crucial to remain interested in the most pertinent news for your career advancement, which may not always be the most recent.

Other special perks of the website.

Similar to buzzfeed, MTT also includes a community section allowing musicians to post relevant information on their experiences called MTT Open. If that wasn’t enough, MTT radio offers a plethora of stations sorted by category and tags.

Their twitter handle.

Follow MTT at @musicthinktank.

Why you should make friends.

This website acts as a trade magazine for the digital age discussing shake-ups and breakthroughs within the industry.

When is the right time to use the website.

When you find yourself interested in music industry trade, are looking for a job in the record business (the job title “recording artist” isn’t for everyone) or want to make plans to participate in a music conference (international locations are available).

Other special perks of the website

A ticker on the head of the website, a list of available jobs within the music business and a “most heated” section organized by their most commented articles (for your commenting pleasure).

Their twitter handle.


Many websites discuss similar information or other vital issues that assist musicians on the daily grind. Know of any other good websites? Don’t be a stranger, let your keystrokes be heard in the comments section.

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Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

Freddie Cosmo is a recording artist from Philadelphia, PA. living in New York City by way of Miami. He spent all his money on undergrad music school and feels as though he owes all musicians (and the universe for that matter) the most accurate information on how to be broke without giving up on their dreams. He would like to shamelessly invite you to check out his music at


  1. Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap
    January 29, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Great post!

  2. Suzanne
    January 29, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Thumbs all the way up!!!

  3. February 3, 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Distrokid is pretty great too. Similar it TuneCore in that it distributes your music, except they don’t take any of your royalties. I believe it’s 19.95/year for unlimited uploads.