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BAS Pride 2014: Free Hard French Tickets Still Available & Cut Some Rug @ Disco Daddy! (6/29)

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Well another Pride in the city draws to a close with the mega parade and parties that are the jewels in the pretty tiara that is queer pride week.  If you are an early riser or perhaps have not yet slept you still have time to either watch as every possible LGBT group, icon and floats featuring drag queens and go-go dancers you can imagine wind their way down Market Street or actually march in the parade with such sexy political activist types like the Harvey Milk Club.  You can register here, don your best yellow ensemble and meet at staging area no. 69 (yes, 69, perv) as the Milk Club and yours truly strut our stuff with future California State Assemblyman David Campos, who aside from an amazing LGBT leader,  just happens to be swell guy.


However if you need a little time to maybe nap or rinse off some lingering Saturday night afterglow, than you can do your thing and catch up at one of the thousands of gay day parties that are peppering the city.


Bu the way, the correct answer to Friday’s trvia question as yet to be received, so if you’d like to attend Hard French’s screaming queen block party with a friend, then hurry the hell up at either message us on the Broke-Ass Stuart Facebook page or leave your guess after the post of this article.


Still, if pennies are on ration this year, then you have only to toddle a few blocks down from the parade route and fair to the Eagle to lick up the suds and smells to be had at the SF Eagle where the requisite beer bust happens as it always does and will be followed by Disco Daddy, BAS’s favourite transit depot record juggler, Bus Station John.  Quite possibly being the cheapest Pride cover , you can walk in at $5 and let the stylings of disco yesteryears wash over you just like they did when it was still called the Gay Liberation Patade.


AND, if you’ve got some time to kill, do yourself a favour and skip the tepid neon Kool-Aid at the fair and walk a few blocks into the ‘loin.  At 45 years since the Stonewall riots and on the heels of honouring the much-missed Vicki Marlane, there has been a lot of talk and musings over the grand, good ‘ol gay days.  The Tenderloin was the second hood in the city the community chose to congregate and reside in and almost every year in the short fifteen years I’ve called this port my home, one more of the TL’s  queer clubs has closed or been evicted under the dubious banners of “progress” and “urban renewal”.  Back in the sixties, nervous affluents complained about the “element” these spaces created and the “undesirables” they attracted.  If you think what’s happening in the TL today is that much different, you’re kidding yourself.  Go purchase one of the volatile and cheap quaffs to be had at Aunt Charlie’s , The Gangway, Diva’s (okay, this one isn’t cheap or strong) The Cinch and patronize these guys before they too get the axe.


Happy Pride dearest, brokest readership.  Love ya! xo


Aunt Charlie’s Lounge
133 Turk Street (Taylor)


The Gangway
841 Larkin Street (@ Geary)


1081 Post Street (@ Polk)


The Cinch
1723 Polk Street (@ Clay)
[Tenderloin/ Russian Hill]

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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