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The Best Craigslist Missed Connections from Burning Man

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Remember Missed Connections? Craigslist’s personal section was not only used by lonely stranger danger booty calls but it was a popular site where you could reach out semi-anonymously to the “cute girl on the N-Judah” who was reading Eat Pray Love on your commute to the FiDi. Or hit up that guy at Badlands you made out with but forgot if his name was Mark, Matt or Max. A tiny desperate attempt to connect with that one person you shared a fleeting moment. 

Burning Man has ended and everyone is back to the “default world.” It is a massive assembly of free spirits and in that expansive chaos are many deep moments shared among the revelers. However, even Burners have Missed Connections…
Did you go this year? Are you Ibrahim?

Ibrahim from Pink Mammoth, Burning Man – w4m

It’s Moxie, that girl wearing the corset and striped pants from Pink Mammoth, Sunday afternoon at Burning Man. You were so beautiful in your bright blue turban, your smile and your kiss were so passionate and real, you made me smile from a deep place and totally lose my inhibitions. Spending that time with you made my day, and then like a proper drunk burner I disappeared into the crown and lost you. I can’t believe I’m doing a CL missed connection, but I’d love to see you again if we are ever in the same city. Thanks for such a sexy last day of the burn. xxxMoxie

lindsey you rode my art car twice at burning man – m4w ( new york)

you were making a documentary, you probably won’t see this but if you do tell me what your film is about. it was nice to meet you. 😀

Blake – w4m

We danced together at Burning Man- I had to leave and we didn’t get a chance to reconnect. I was wearing an animal should be able to remember which one.

I met you at burning man. . . – m4w (Black Rock City, NV)

If you like piña coladas and gettin’ caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean and the taste of champagne
If you like making love at midnight in the dunes on the cape
You’re the lady I’ve looked for, come with me and escape

Dubstep+ Folk punk+Pink Floyd cover band= LOVE
T Mammal


Chris from Oakland- Sat night at Root Society at Burning Man – w4m (oakland downtown)

You came up and danced with me. You had glasses, a cute smile, and an adorable way of asking for a kiss. But my curly red hair and I had to run to our art cart… You came looking after a while and I waved- and watched as you walked with your pink light back to Root Society.

looking for John from Half Moon Bay–we met Saturday at Burning Man – w4m (430&G)

you’re a handsome dark-haired man. you were wearing a green shirt when you approached me on saturday, near 430 and G, offering a gift containing googly eyes. i accepted what you offered after a brief conversation in which you told me your name and said you’re from half moon bay. i was wearing black shorts and a brown top, riding a small purple bicycle. after a hug we parted ways but i had more i wanted to say to you. i tried to find you at the fallout shelter later but they’d never heard of you. i’d really love to find you and talk more. posting here is the only thing i can think of–i know it’s a long shot but it’s better than not trying at all. you had such beautiful, positive energy.

Playa connection – m4w – 28 (BRC)

age : 28

We met in the outer playa on Saturday night after the Man burned.

It was my first Burning Man. Awesome!! Finally crossed it off my Bucket List! Everyone at my tech company had gone and teased me about not having gone yet. Luckily scored a last minute ticket and someone who was willing to fly me out directly in a little propeller plane. It was a little cramped, but I heard the car traffic was really bad after the rain delay? So fun!

You were wearing a pink tutu with pink hair. I had on the rainbow wig and pink spandex. I was trying to find this thing called Robot Heart, but wasn’t having any luck. It was like being at a club on steroids. You were standing about 5 feet from me and swaying your hips to the beats from a far away art car. So cute! You looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back. Sorry that I didn’t say hello, but I loved your groove! I wished I had taken another pill. I had to finally go find a portapotty (yuck!), and when I came back, you were gone. 🙁

Anyway, I had a great night! Stayed up to watch the sunrise for the first time, and that was amazing! Was given free pancakes by some people in the morning. Better than the ones at Park Tavern!

I don’t know where you live IRL, but I’d love to say hi to you. Tacos at Tacolicious

 “Brother” with the chai tea cart in deep playa – Burning Man – m4m – 29 (berkeley)


On Friday night we met you in deep playa. You were serving chai tea from a cart you built yourself and brought out on a tandem bike, in exchange for either two compliments or a secret. You were also dispensing free spiritual advice. Your playa name was Brother and you said you were from Berkeley.

There were three of us. You told us that your favorite teacher said that you never *have* to do anything and can choose to do what you do.

We thought you were really cool and wanted to connect in the default world!
Here is our fee:
1) your chai was awesome
2) we thought you were really cool

Sally from England at Burning Man – m4w

Sally from England whose mom works for B.A. –

Had a wonderful time with you while heading out to the burn on the sailboat with horses. Apologies for being preoccupied. Would love to connect with you in the real world.


Where do we go now to find those lost people who shared moments of lust exchanged in side glances, chance encounters and short conversations? Did we give up on crushing on the hot check out guy at Whole Foods?
I’m calling for a return to CL Missed Connections!!!! People, go forth and lustfully miss-connect!
images from imgur, SFGate 
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