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Queens 4 Campos & Loaded Cream Pies in the Castro Weekend!

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“Florida sunshine.”  Photo from the Des Moines Register.

Harvey Milk was a guy who liked to have a good time.  Yes, he was the Mayor of Castro Street and a hero that changed the course of history forever, but he was also an honorary clown with a yen for the decidedly silly.  Namely practical jokes and…cream pies.

Oh, yes, and in case you forgot…he also LOVED drag queens.


Empress José Sarria, Milk and Mavis at the Imperial Court coronation.  Photo by Danny Nicoletta.

Which is why this week would definitely be right up Harvey’s, well,…midway.

Like the cops once did in so many raids of yore, this past month, Facebook attempted to strip off wigs and stage names and lay our “true identities” bare, vulnerable to the possibility of harm.  Enter the queens and David Campos to the rescue.  Just as they did at Gene Compton’s, the Stonewall Inn, and with perennial rag Anita Bryant, they told the profilers of Palo Alto where to get off and gently remind them, you don’t fuck with the queens.  The community is little safer again, and to celebrate we have Queens & Queers for Campos and, of course, one of Harvey’s babies, the Castro Street Fair.


David Campos, Heklina & Lil Miss Hot Mess.  Photo courtesy of 48 Hills.

Ala Sylvester and the Empress José, freedom fighters, Heklina, Sister Roma, Peaches Christ, Bebe Sweet Briar and Co. will promenading with the supe in a sliding scale hokie-pokie to get him to the State Assembly, at Beaux on Saturday night.  It is $5- $20, but remember this is the same dude that is trying to get the entire city on PrEP for pennies, so think of it as an actual investment in your future.

Sunday, the streets of Castro Village fill once again in the October tradition where you’ll find bake sales, dance parties, Thai barbecue kebabs, yarnesses, and more booze specials than you can shake a phallic gourd at.

Harvey’s other offspring, the eponymous Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club will be channeling Harvey’s pierrot sensibilities and launching pies in people’s faces.  As far as the fair is concerned, the late supervisor’s first love was his dunk tank, but being as that California is on the brink of catastrophe, we thought Harve might agree that dumping gallons of water down 18th street wouldn’t quite qualify as watershed restoration.


In case you doubted me.  Photo by Danny Nicloetta.

So keeping it real cute and a little sticky, the HMDC would like to cordially invite you to cream your favourite elected or drag queen.  Those lined up to get popped in the pie-hole include, but are not limited, to District 9 Supervisor David Campos, SFBG Executive Editor Marke Bieschke, Sherriff Ross Mirkarimi, Grand Duchess Contender Roxy Cotten-Candy, HMDC Co-Prez Tom Temprano, UppityFag Patrick Connors, Vivvyanne ForeverMORE, Bevan Dufty, and many more fruity pie pushers.  All proceeds will be going to help re-open HIV/ AIDS housing at Marty’s Place.

And, if you need any more incentive to partake in the sloppy mess and you have a strong distaste for this hack (good for you), yours truly will be providing his mug for a nice, thick coating.  Don’t hold back boys, I can take ‘em from all sides.  I’m greedy that way.


Queens & Queers for Campos
Saturday, October 4, 2014
9:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m.

2344 Market Street (@ Castro)
[Castro/ Eureka Valley]


The HMDC Presents “Take It On The Chin With a Pie Tin!”
Castro Street Fair

Sunday, October 5, 2014
11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Castro Street (@ 18th Street)
[Castro Eureka Valley]

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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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