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Win Tickets to the completely haunted Great Star Theater for SPOOKEASY

Updated: Oct 08, 2014 10:42
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The historic Great Star Theater in Chinatown opened in 1926 and remains completely haunted to this day. WIN FREE TIX to their haunted vaudeville spectacular Spookeasy this Halloween weekend as we highlight the Great Star Theater, formerly a premiere vaudeville destination but long since condemned for “excessive haunting and supernatural activity”.

The Great Star remains closed due to paranormal risk, but will reopen for Mr. Nobody’s Spookeasy on Oct. 30—Nov. 2 (WIN FREE TICKETS BY ENTERING BELOW!) This epic VIP costume ball offers four nights of incredible gin-soaked speakeasy, live entertainment and “spooky Max Fleischer cartoon underworld-inspired madness to enchant, terrify delight and befuddle” featuring renowned DJs The Klown, Delachaux, Jazzy Fox and DJ Fact 50 of Trapeze. spoke with event creator and director Barron Scott Levkoff about working with a cast of both live humans and spooky undead spirits, and what guests can expect of this elaborate VIP spooktacular.

“We start with a cocktail party” says Professor Levkoff. “The minute you enter the theater you encounter ghosts and all the strange nefarious characters and denizens of the Great Star, from over 80 years ago.” These ghosts will join live sexy people for an unforgettable Vaudeville Burlesque Theater Show.

“From that point we party in the cartoon underworld with the masters of electroswing and boom jazz swing with their go-go dancers and performers,” the Professor says. “The madness continues into the wee hours, with yet more exploration of the haunted theater, encountering ghosts, themed decor, projections, large scale puppetry, gourmet concessions, custom crafted cocktails, and other surprises.”

The Great Star Tragedy of 1932


The Great Star Theater remains permanently haunted, but was a premiere vaudeville destination in the 1920s and 30s. “Glittering luminaries such as Mae West and Josephine Baker were regular performers,” according to the Spookeasy backstory. In a 1934 interview, noted Chinatown gangster Johnny Tong dubbed the Great Star “the Cantonese Cotton Club” before shooting the interviewer just for laughs.

The theater remained a vaudeville hot spot until the Great Star tragedy of 1932. “It it was well known that a nefarious theatrical manager coerced and manipulated the vaudeville talent of THE GREAT STAR for his own dark purposes, mysteriously and tragically leading to a fire that consumed actors and audience alike — of the 600 people present, 599 lives were lost in the most devastating theater fire in our nation’s history.”

Management converted the theater to Hong Kong moviehouse in 1960s to stem the rapidly accumulating tide of ghosts and spirits, and in the late 1990s it remained the only Hong Kong moviehouse in San Francisco.

Deceased spirits, live performers a few exceptionally talented muggles are excited to reunite at the Great Star for Mr. Nobody’s Spookeasy. “People are going to leave believing that we laced their drinks,” says “Stale Magnolias” playwright Sean Owens who will be onhand all four evenings.

Mr. Nobody’s Speakeasy Vaudeville and Burlesque Revue


A who’s-who of living and undead performers is lined up for Spookeasy! The burlesque revue features dead-sexy superstars Jezebel Thunder, Hunny Bunny , Alexa Von Kickinface, Miss If-N’-Whendy, Lulu Cachoo, Arcadia Kane, Drea Lusion sexy stiltwalker Dalyte Kodjis and the to-die-for cheoreography of Sid Scenic.

flyerAdditional haunted circus awesomeness will feature Dave Clay of the Squirm Burpee Circus, Clay Mazing of the Emergency Circus and a hand-picked array of professional puppeteers. Jasper Patterson (New Eccentrics, AcroSports City Circus) will preside as “emcee, nefarious evil heidi-ho man and evil theater manager.”

“There is no talent to top the talent we bring you on our stage,” says Sean Owens, “because at the end of the run, we will actually kill everyone in the cast.”

With VIP packages, an exquisite spread and high production value, Mr. Nobody’s Spookeasy promises to be “a sort of William Castle in-your-face spookhouse style experience,” says Professor Levkoff “We’re conjuring a new Halloween tradition in San Francisco.”

Mr. Nobody’s Spookeasy runs October 30 – November 2 at the extremely haunted Great Star Theater. You can buy tickets here, or try to ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY BELOW!



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