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For Your F*cking Information: Where to Vote

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So, by this point, you’ve probably realized that this coming Election Day is gonna be kind of a thing.  It’s all everyone is talking about at work, it’s taken over your feed, your friends are slurring it into their murky old fashioneds, and just when you’ve thought you could escape and you’re pressed up into a quiet little corner, your prospective one-night-stand whispers, “So what do you think about the water bond?”

“FINE! FINE!”, you wail, “I’m registered, I’m gonna VOTE!!!  OKAY???”

Okay, okay.  Sorry, buddy.  Didn’t mean to hassle you.  So, where’s you’re polling place?

Now don’t go all to pieces on us.  We here at BAS are here to help.  Instead of rooting through the garbage looking for the sample ballot you used to scrape dog shit of your shoe so you can see what neighbour’s garage or church basement you’ll be running to and so you aren’t the only person at the bar not weighing in after 8 p.m. strikes, here are two easy solutions:


1. Vote at City Hall.  Granted, it’s an absentee ballot, but it’s in the beaux arts beauty that is our city’s seat of government and very handy if you didn’t actually register at your most recent address.  Plus you can go vote there anytime between now and Tuesday.

2.  Check out this gem: is probably one of the best GOTV ideas I’ve seen in while.  It’s, shall we say, direct and even mollycoddles your ass a little bit more by bullet pointing a few of the major candidates you’ll be voting for.


So there you go, no reason to feel like the only kid at the dance without that très chic ¡Ya voté! sticker.

Drop it in our box!

And remember to check out our first ever BAS Election Guide before you hit the polls!



7:00 a.m.- 8:00 p.m.


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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen's early years were spent in a boxcar overlooking downtown Los Angeles. From there he moved around the state with his family before settling under the warm blanket of smog that covers suburban Southern California. Moving around led to his inability to stay in one place for very long, but San Francisco has been reeling him back in with its siren song since 1999.
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