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Listen Up! Catcalling Won’t End Overnight

Updated: Nov 06, 2014 23:03
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As a man, I didn’t need to see the catcalling video by Hollaback! to know that women are frequent victims of verbal harassed on the street. I’ve seen it. I’ve heard it. To be honest, I had become so numb to the act that I’ve laughed about it. I laughed, not because I found the harassment itself to be humorous, but due to the fact that each scenario ended in the same manner—the woman just walked away. You would think that some guys would get the hint, but no. So it continues. But why should we allow it to continue? Should we, as men, say something to other men?

Guys with fully functioning eyes and ears should have known that this is happening. If not, I’m afraid to ask what else you haven’t noticed going on under your nose. Even if your brain functions eight levels beyond the limit of legal retardation–which is needed to properly possess the ability to witness this harassment on the street–you can’t possibly be apathetic to the complaints from the women whom you hold close to your heart, can you?

My sister has spoken to me about her experiences, which has gone as far as being groped as a teen. She never said anything because she was afraid our father would literally start cutting men’s throats open. Female friends have professed to me the same, if not worse experiences—verbal harassment from men of all ages, being groped inside closed quarters, the inspiration for public masturbation and, most recently, dick pictures via text messages and messenger apps.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, though. This type of harassment isn’t just isolated towards one gender—men deal with it too. It just doesn’t happen as frequently. I’m not Brad Pitt or Idris Elba but I know, under the right circumstance and given the perfect opportunity, a few women could put that catcalling video to shame. It just so happens that, as a man, societal law tells us that we just have to deal with it. (This is an entirely separate issue.) Catcalling on either side shouldn’t fly, but we live in a society which is essentially, as James Brown so eloquently put it, a man’s world. That’s why, as men, we should be more sympathetic to a woman’s pleas when confronted with moral and social ethics. Mentally and emotionally they have had to deal with so much more, so don’t ignore them when they’re expressing themselves about an issue which concerns them.

It’s 2014 and women continue to fight to be accepted as an equal in this world. For whatever reason, men continue to forget the psychological oppression women have faced throughout history. Realize that it has only been less than 100 years since women in America were fully given the right to vote. How sad is that? It really puts the catcalling video into perspective. It’s a minor imprint that measures women’s evolution in society, thus far. One could assume that a century ago a woman would have been chastised or patronized, even worse, for just mentioning the harassment in conversation. But when you think about the comments many men have made concerning the video, how far have we really come?

I have always believed that catcalling was a waste of time. It’s like fishing without even the most basic pieces of equipment–fishing rods and bait–and with no alternative for your lack of respect for another human being you rely on all you have, which is a disturbing interpretation of charisma. Once the needle of reality punctures a hole in the pomposity of your failed conquest, you can expect to be left with a deflated ego. Whether you believe it or not, you know it’s true. Some men can’t handle the rejection and they hold on to these experiences, sometimes for years, leading to resentment towards women. This isn’t good. Do you see why catcalling is bad for everyone?

However, if you do manage to reel a girl in, ask yourself, if a woman does respond to these catcalling tactics, what caliber of woman are you really attracting? It’s not someone you’d want to build a foundation with. Conversely, think about how that woman views you and what that ultimately says about your self-worth.

Being overly aggressive in your pursuit of anyone’s attention or affection, especially one you have no rapport with, will not yield preferable results. If you understand this you’ll refrain from the unnecessary shouting and yelling. Besides, what do you get out of catcalling? Nothing perhaps; it’s a temporary thrill that fills an empty void.

If this is the only manner in which you believe you can attract a woman, that’s an issue you need to resolve within yourself. Stop blaming women for your actions, which are making them feel uncomfortable. Look inside yourself and ask why you are attracting the wrong women or why you aren’t attracting any women at all. (For my slow brothers: Stop trying to “G” these ratchet hoes and work on bettering yourself. Money attracts pussy, but integrity attracts a woman.)

Catcalling won’t end overnight. The Hollaback! video will be forgotten in a few weeks and we’ll be discussing the new trending topic-of-the-month by the New Year. If you take anything away from this frenzy-filled gender war, it should be that communication and respect for one another is the key for progression. Also, don’t forget to smile!

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  1. erin k
    December 29, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    thank you for sharing your perspective, wish more men were willing to talk about this and actually start doing something about this