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The Kinda Late Show Episode 2 is on December 17th!

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The first Kinda Late Show with Broke-Ass Stuart was a resounding success (watch it here)! The best compliment given to me that night was when someone said “It really felt like San Francisco in here tonight and it hasn’t felt that way in a long time.” Yeah, that’s the kind of shit we’re doing.   kinda-late-show-video As you can tell by the title of this post, The Kinda Late Show Episode 2 is on December 17th at the incredible Doc’s Lab! That means you should buy your tickets NOW. These bitches sold out really fast last time so get them while you can. I mean, just check out this amazing line-up:

Veronica Belmont (Nerd. Tekzilla, Sword & Laser, Vaginal Fantasy)


Veronica is a TV host, podcaster and budding writer based out of San Francisco. You can catch her every week on the Sword & Laser science fiction / fantasy podcast, and monthly on the Vaginal Fantasy hangout (it’s a book club, don’t worry). On BBC America, Veronica was the host of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pre (and Post) Show, and the co-host of Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers! She was also the original host of Qore on the Playstation Network, and co-host of Tekzilla on Discovery Digital. In days of olde, she was on-air talent and producer for CNET Networks.

Gabi Moskowitz from BrokeAss Gourmet (cookbook author and food blogger)

brokeass-gourmet  Gabi Moskowitz is the editor-in-chief of the nationally-acclaimed blog BrokeAss Gourmet and author of The BrokeAss Gourmet Cookbook (May 2012) and Pizza Dough: 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes (November 2013). Currently, she is a producer of Young & Hungry, an ABC Family comedy, now in its second season, inspired by her life and writing. It premiered in the summer of 2014. She lives, cooks and writes in San Francisco.

Josh Constine (Journalist at TechCrunch)


Josh Constine is a meme whisperer and cybersociologist who writes news for TechCrunch. A former contributor to local blog Uptown Almanac, Josh has since written over 2300 articles about tech and done on-stage interview with everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Senator Cory Booker.

But he’s not your average tech bro. A 6-year Mission resident with family from SF, Josh spent an hour picking up trash on the streets the morning after the Giants riots. His blog posts champion neighborhood arts and anti-homelessness charities, and demand that tech companies contribute to the communities they’re screwing up.

Musical guest queer electro-hop duo Double Duchess 

double-duchess   With big beats and playful narratives, San Francisco’s Double Duchess transcends genres and genders through its live experience and high-energy delivery. Krylon Superstar’s mesmerizing voice and performance art genius, coupled with davO’s emceeing and production deftness, delivers a raw and campy electronic sound. Double Duchess’ musical influences include Baltimore club, booty breaks, and ballroom house, all wrapped in a world of couture fashion.

House band The MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret

mega-flame-big-band-and-cabaret The MegaFlame Big Band and Cabaret plays a mish-mash of mid-century jazz, blues, and cool “re-conceived” versions of contemporary tunes. We include a lot of theatrical elements in our playa-inspired set which runs the gamut from Ella Fitzgerald to Morphine and from Tom Waits to Big Mama Thorton.

A MegaFlame event is always a BIG show with a constantly evolving family of performers. Not only killer tunes from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, but also vintage-style burlesque, fire arts, schtick, and plenty of costume changes! MegaFlame is a step back in time with a modern twist.

Buy tickets to the show here.

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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