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Updated: Dec 14, 2014 17:11
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I met Sadek at an open mic in Manhattan over a year ago. He didn’t get to perform because of time constraints but his energy stood out amongst every other emcee in the building. We kept in touch and eventually got to do a show together this year at Leftfield On Ludlow. He is an extremely brave hip-hop artist who’s influences include both Eminem and Macklemore and I urge you not to judge this book by it’s cover. What advice would you give to someone who is afraid to pursue a music career?

Sadek: [ ] before you set upon that path realize its not like becoming a teacher where your career path is well marked, and clear cut.  You are stepping into the forest and making your own path, laws of the jungle apply. But then again fortune favors the bold.  If you love what you do though, these things will be tolerable.  They’ll be low points, but you will rise from them stronger.

Like Sadek on Facebook and follow him on twitter! Was there ever a time when a lack of money made you want to stop pursuing your dream?

Sadek: [ ] in terms of building a business,  the fact [that] I’m hugely in debt from College, and was working off a minimum wage job, well statistically speaking I’ve felt like I was one man fighting the entire Persian army in 300.  But I  love to write, I love to freestyle, and spiritually speaking I feel God works with me, my relationship with writing and rap has really been intertwined with my love of meditation, and the esoteric mysteries of life.  The deeper part of me feels that this is all part of my quest and that trusting in life will yield great success.


Check out Sadek’s Soundcloud and Tumblr. What are your thoughts on the hip hop community here in NYC?

Sadek: UHHHH what community[?] LOL jk….kinda.  On the whole to be honest I’m not a huge fan. I give my love to all rappers for real, I wish all of us the best on the path, but our community can be really negative. Rap as a genre can have a very negative message, and glorifies very shallow things.  I want to be an exception to that, to be a source of inspiration and love.  Most people aren’t out there to support, or out there for love of hip hop, they’re there to blow up and out do each other.  A community built on these principles can never be strong, or even meaningful and engaging.  I’ve met great people along the way, its not all bad, but it could use more togetherness.  I HAVE developed close artistic friends though who support.  Also I’ve made great rap friends in Westchester, and I have some new people I’m starting to meet in Canarsie.  They showed me this one underground rap event called RAP SKOOL.  That WAS REALLY AWESOME.  I WILL GO BACK TO THAT.  That is a good community. Just people rapping out of love for rap, its underground, not at a club, but in a house, no cover, just people enjoying hip hop.  That’s what I look for in a community.  I was blown away by it, such a different feel. Its not dominated by race issues, or tension, everybody is there to support.  Thats really what NYC Hip hop should be all about.


Subscribe to Sadek’s youtube and get inspired by his instagram. You recently released your new music video for “Fall”, can you tell us a little but about the concept for the record and the video?

Sadek: Sure!  Fall is about all the obstacles in my life, and how I’m gonna make them fall, kinda like walls I break down.  Its a personal song, but fun, and its got character, which is my style. I write from my voice, and I try to be myself on a track.  You won’t hear standard hip hop bars, you’ll hear a real person putting his life to music.  Even though it’s about struggle, it’s a fun song, not depressive at all, its uplifting and powerful.  The video was done by my personal friend Mike Mueller, and he is an amazing director, and editor.  He took a great song, and made it pop so much with the video. I was blessed to work with him on it. I’m really excited about it, its such an amazing outcome!!

Sadek is currently working on his new music project tentatively titled “Tao Te Josh” while his current project “Skitzopoetic”, featuring the single “Fall” is available now.

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Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

Freddie Cosmo - Associate Debtitor

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