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Broke-Ass of The Week: Tony Peppers from Astronauts, etc.

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Every week we feature a different person from the community shedding a little light on their life of brokeitude. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about the human spirit — probably not.

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tony-peppersOur featured broke-ass this time around is Tony Peppers from Astronauts, etc. who are playing the 3rd Anniversary of Woodshoppe, SF’s FREE monthly music series at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. The other bands playing this moments occasion are: Caroline Smith, Harriet Brown, and TRAILS AND WAYS are playing a DJ set.

Tony has some really funny things to say about being a broke-ass so read below, check out his music here, then go see him play on Tuesday 2/3. It’s FREE!

Name: Tony Peppers

Age: Biological: 24. Psychological: 24 ± 7. Emotional: 24 ± 24.

Occupation: Space cadet; psychonaut; recreational questionnaire answerer

What neighborhood do you live in? :DT Brokeland

Best money saving tip: Don’t live in the Bay. Alternatively: forego shelter.

What do you refuse to spend money on?: I’ve given this some thought, and all that’s coming to mind is overpriced guac.

Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?: It’d have to be the My Dog Skip DVD when I was 11. In terms of emotional capital, that thing bankrupted me.

How’d that feel?: Bankrupt.

Favorite cheap eat: I’m in the wanton throes of a gyros fling right now. I’m trying not to think about its inevitable end. Just enjoying it, you know, keeping my head in the moment.

Favorite dive bar: Missouri Lounge

Best deal you’ve ever gotten: I taught music lessons for a couple years. One day, I asked this nine-year-old what it would take to get him to practice 20 minutes per day. Without pause, he responded:

– one (1) package sour Skittles from the vending machine per week

– my word that I wouldn’t tell his mom

Favorite free thing to do: Tweet at Oprah.

If you woke up a millionaire, what’s the first thing you’d buy?: A cornucopia of old synths.

Despite not having money, do you still love your life?: Yeah man.

Do you own my book?: Do you own my record?

Best hangover cure: A dark place; self-loathing.

Are you a hipster?: I don’t know, would that mean I’d have to stop being a Belieber?

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Broke-Ass Stuart - Editor In Cheap

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