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$4 Highballs & Helping 642 Hyde @ the Hump Days with Harvey Happy Hour

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The Gangway

City living is probably the most contentious that it has been since the Gold Rush. Denizens, both old and new, find themselves embattled in one form or another. For many it is a fight to hang on, to fight avaricious landlords. For others it’s a struggle to integrate and negotiate the city that drew them like a siren, as it has so many, and seek their fortune without breaking the back of said city.

A lot of us would like to get involved, or at least find out what’s what, but the prospect of going to a community workshop when you’re not even sure who your district supervisor is, or a march against evictions when you’re working for a startup can be about as daunting as traffic court.

Fear not my nascent do-gooders and citizens in search of answers, the Milk Club has got you covered.

When Harvey was still alive, one of his finer abilities was recognizing that community engagement needn’t start with city hearings or even marches, as legitimately fun as those can be. Many of his truest and most ardent friends and allies he met in his beat up camera store, having been brought there by a friend or in one of the hood’s stores or taverns.

Keeping in step with step with this, the HMDC is having the first of its Hump Days with Harvey Happy Hours on Wednesday eve. Because the thing is that even though we have a lot of shit to talk about, sometimes it helps to take a beer break.

Held on the last Wednesday of the month, the inaugural cocktail will be held at the venerable granddandy queer bar of them all, The Gangway. Gorgeous gravy boats like these are quickly becoming an endangered species and in a quickly changing neighbourhood like the Tenderloin, they need all the help they can get so they don’t go into that long Esta Noche.

And since the TL hasn’t escaped the recent fire fever to recently sweep the city, we are partnering with Supervisor Jane Kim’s office, La Voz Latina, and the Central City SRO collaborative to help the victims displaced by the recent conflagration at 642 Hyde and help raise money and much needed household items. They will be collecting these next door at Sgt. Macauley Park starting at 4 p.m. and the club will continue to do through the duration of the happy hour.

Cocktails are $4 and brew $3, so grab a chum and come clink a mug of suds with your favourite dirty liberal queers and maybe the odd city supervisor or two.

HMDC Hump Days with Harvey Happy Hour
6:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m.

The Gangway
841 Larkin Street (@ Geary)


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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen's early years were spent in a boxcar overlooking downtown Los Angeles. From there he moved around the state with his family before settling under the warm blanket of smog that covers suburban Southern California. Moving around led to his inability to stay in one place for very long, but San Francisco has been reeling him back in with its siren song since 1999.
By trade he pours booze, but likes to think he can write and does so occasionally for the SF Bay Guardian, Bold Italic and 7x7. He also likes to enjoy time spent in old eateries, bars and businesses that, by most standards, would have been condemned a long time ago.