April Fools Day: Best Video Pranks 2015

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Today is April Fools Day, which means I’ll be going to the 36th annual St. Stupid Day Parade  (Justin Herman Plaza at noon) to put on weird clothes and march around SF celebrating absurdity and human stupidity.  And in the spirit of the stupid and absurd, lets have a laugh shall we?  One day a year brands ‘fool’ some unsuspecting viewers with product spoofs, in the process they get to make fun of themselves and get free PR.  I am fully aware that we are falling into their marketing trap here, but I don’t care, these videos are funny.

Honda HR-V ‘Selfie’ Edition: My personal favorite, “Some people love dogs, some people love to read, I love, myself”.  If your a professional ‘Selfie Artist’ like Ashley here, this Honda built for Instagram is made for you!  It’s a selfie stick on 4 wheels.

Hinge: App for Playdating: Is your toddler single?  Get him or her on the market!


Tmobile “Pets Un-Leashed”:  Animals doing people things…usually a winner


PlayStation Flow:  For you video game players, PlayStation 4 pumps up the weirdness surrounding ‘wearables’ and virtual reality.


Gmail “Smartbox”: The mailbox of tomorrow, today

Oh! And you can play Pac-Man in your neighborhood streets via google maps.  Just go to Google maps and find a Pac Man icon in the bottom left corner.  I played Pac-Man ‘Duboce Triangle’ edition this morning, and it was fun for at least 47 to 48 seconds!

google pac man


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