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Nametag Day In SF: Making The World a Friendlier Place

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Saturday, June 6th from 11am-5pm –  A city-wide event called Nametag Day will get people in SF to come out of their shells and get to know the people around them – specifically they’ll be handing out nametags at various locations around town like Dolores Park, the Castro and Hayes Valley.  In the words of Nametag Day Organizers:

“Imagine if everyone on MUNI was wearing a nametag. This small idea can turn SF into a participatory, open celebration of humanity.”

Starting today, anyone can:
Sign up to volunteer, handing out nametags at one of five locations: Dolores Park, Golden Gate Park, Castro, Hayes Valley, and the Marina.
RSVP at our Facebook event to let your friends know you’ll be wearing one!
Donate to our Kickstarter Campaign so we can buy all the nametags.

“A nametag is more than a name. It says ‘Hi! I’m open. I want to talk to you.’ That openness can propagate outwards and transform the entire city,” said organizer Michael Morgenstern.

We’ll be joined by groups in New York and Brazil, making this an international event.

In the past two years, over 120 volunteers passed out 15,000 nametags in New York, and the day received mention in The New York Times, TIME Magazine, AM New York, 10-10 WINS radio, and CBS local, as well as mention by the official New York City twitter account. The organization has raised over $3,500 through a grant from the Awesome Foundation and a crowdfunding campaign through Crowdtilt.

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