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Mission District Anti-eviction Protesters Took Over SF City Hall

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No Monster in the Mission. a protest agains evictions in the Mission District. Photo credit: Hanna Quevedo


“Ed Lee, can’t you see, we don’t need more luxury!”

Chants echoed through the halls of government May 8th, when hundreds of protesters raised their voices in support of a temporary halt to evictions in San Francisco, and a stop to market-rate developments in the Mission District.

A booming tech economy has raised the cost of living to record levels in San Francisco and housing prices are among the highest in the country.  The elderly along with lower and middle income families are hit the hardest and are loosing their housing at an ever increasing pace.


Our Mission, No Evictions! Photo credit: Hanna Quevedo


The Mission District in particular is being hit hard.  According to a recent study by the nonprofit Council of Community Housing Organizations. Families with households making $50,000 to $75,000 made up a quarter of Mission households in 2000; now they make up 13 percent while households with incomes of at least $100,000 have increased.


Photo credit: Hanna Quevedo

Neighborhood representative David Campos introduced a 45-day housing moratorium at the Board of Supervisors.  The idea is to stop development to better plan for the future.  Supervisors Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell are opposed to this moratorium.  They represent the Castro and Marina districts which are both packed with luxury housing, the upper market corridor in particular is a awash with cranes and new luxury condos.  Condo developers along with Mayor Ed Lee are of course also apposed.

As early as June 2, the Board of Supervisors could vote to enact a 45-day moratorium on market-rate development in the Mission. A subsequent vote would be needed to extend the moratorium for another 10 months.


Just Cause. Photo credit Hana Quevedo


For more information checkout the organizations who are doing the footwork and fighting the good fight: The Latino Democrats Club, Our Mission No EvictionSan Francisco Housing Action Coalition.  We at support these groups in their pursuit to protect the residents of the Mission District and create more affordable housing for its residents.


Like these Pictures?  Checkout the talented photographer Hanna Quevedo

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