MiFlight: Never Show Up to the Airport Hungover Again!

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Your alarm goes off. “Fuck…” you mumble to yourself. Your mouth tastes like bad decisions and your tongue feels like sandpaper. You’re not sure if you’re hungover or still drunk but you know you’re in such bad shape that you’re even creating new swearwords, “Oh Jesus fuckhammer” you groan. Then you remember why your alarm went off: you’ve got a flight to catch, you curse again “Chimichanga rumpleshits.” Things are not good. Luckily you remember that you’ve got MiFlight so you one-eye your phone, shakily open the app, and find – to your incredible relief – that the line at the airport is only five minutes long. Oh hell yes! You reset your alarm, and pull the covers over your head. MiFlight just scored you an extra hour of sleep. Everything is right with the world.


Created by world travelers who knew that every minute of not waiting in line at the airport was one minute more you could spend in bed, MiFlight is a crowd sourced travel app where users can access the waiting times for security check points at over 150 of the busiest airports around the globe. The design is sleek and sexy and feels like it should have some kind of cool down-tempo loungey music to go along with it. And since MiFlight is FREE, it’s perfect for broke-asses like you and me. Time is money or at least, you know, time.


Beyond the fact that this marvelous app is super useful and free, it’s an added bonus that Miego Apps, the folks who built it, are awesome and deserve your support. Hell, they even built this purdy website you’re reading right now! So download the app, give it a good rating, spread the word, and then never worry about getting to the airport to0 early or too late again.


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