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Oakland’s ‘The Alley’ is in Trouble and Needs Your Help

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the alley bar


The Alley in Oakland, an amazing piano bar with a great deep-fryer is feeling the heavy hand of the health inspector and needs your support.  $75,000 in upgrades are demanded and a closure of the bar’s kitchen stove was ordered until the county’s demands are met.

That means no hot grub at The Alley – no Alley Steaks, not even the great Alley fries.  It’s a loss of of some 50% of revenue.  They need need to replace a fan and ‘move the bar forward 1 foot.’  Owner Jackie Simpkins said the county never had a problem with it before.

The Alley isn’t asking for donations, they just want you to visit and buy drinks.  The musical and friendly atmosphere there is legendary.  During the handful of visits I’ve made to The Alley I saw groups of neighbors and strangers playing instruments and singing together, surrounded by Oakland history.  It really is a special place, on any given night you may find a professional musician behind the piano or a talented local crooner on the mic.  So stop in, have a drink, and help an institution get its business back.

the alley

I’ve seen pros and amateurs kill it on that mic

alley not your everday dive bar

The walls are dripping with local history


The grub is traditional and good

alley outside

Dont forget to visit

Thanks to for the heads-up!

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