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Google Lawyer To Evict Disabled Tenant

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Google Lawyer Jack Halprin Orders Disabled Tenant to Vacate her Home by Wednesday 6/10/15 @6am

We got this press release from Anti-Eviction Mapping Project and figured we’d paste it in so you had all the info:

Six tenants at 812 Guerrero have been fighting an Ellis Act eviction since February 2014 by Google’s head of eDiscovery Jack Halprin. While most of the tenants have had some success in recent months in their motion to quash their eviction, one of them, Becky Bauknight, is facing being dragged out by the Sheriff this coming Wednesday the 10th.

Due to Becky’s disabilities, she has been unable to file necessary paper work on time for a second hearing and motion to quash her eviction.

While Google lawyer Jack Halprin has appealed the rest of the tenants’ motion to quash their eviction, thus propelling all tenants at 812 Guerrero into an ongoing struggle to fight for their home, Becky is supposed to be dragged out of her studio apartment by Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi at 6am this coming Wednesday.

Becky’s neighbor Claudia Tirado surmises that if Becky is forced out of her home this Wednesday that she will have nowhere to go and will be forced to live on the streets. As she says, “Eviction processes are cruel enough to begin with, but evictions of people with disabilities are even worse.”

Two tenants have already been displaced from 812 Guerrero by Halprin through Owner-Move-In evictions.

Unless Halprin rescinds the eviction notice by Wednesday, the eviction will be blocked by protestors.

Two tenants from 812 Guerrero – Claudia Tirado and Evan Wolkenstein – are featured on the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project’s new interactive storytelling map, describing their fight to stay in their home here:

Protest Info: Eviction Defense Blockade at 812 Guerrero!!!!

#StopTheEvictions #DontBeEvil #Google

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