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The ‘Comedian You Should Know’ series highlights funny people performing in San Francisco.  We’d simply like to give some dedicated press to people who make us laugh.  Red Scott made me laugh the other day performing at the weekly Mission Position.  He is also hosting the mic at Punchline June 18th – 20th where the hilarious Rory Scovel will be headlining.

Red scott

Name: Red Scott

When did you arrive in SF?
Born in San José, and was living in San José in 2009 when I finally convinced myself it was worth moving to a major city for the culture, food, and more opportunities to do stand-up. Was just starting to enjoy myself when I discovered the word “gentrification” and that I’m an asshole.
What district do you live in?
SOMA. The best place to buy poorly made furniture adjacent to a three time World Champion baseball team.
When was your first set, and how did it go?
It was in an office space being illegally used as a performance venue above Ruby Skye. It was later shut down when there was a gang related shooting and a bystander got killed.
Six of my friends were there (at my first set, not the shooting, my friends were all out of town during the shooting), I did 4 minutes of jokes in my allotted 3 minutes, got 2 laughs in front of the world’s most forgiving audience, legitimately thought I killed. The second time on stage in front of a packed house of strangers, I got extreme stage fright and walked off 90 seconds into my 3 minutes. My level of confidence hovers between those two states.
A crazy night out in San Francisco?
I always feel like this question’s about cocaine.
You must have just read our interview with Tom Arnold
I’ve never done cocaine. Should I do cocaine? I feel like that’s off-brand for you guys – oh wait, THAT’s why he’s broke.
What was your first job in the city?
Stand-up Comedy’s the first thing I did in San Francisco that got me paid. $10 at a showcase run by Natasha Muse, one of my favorite comics in SF.
Do you have a favorite 1 liner?
Myq Kaplan’s “Small Dork and Handsome” he walks out to applause and opens with “In Conclusion – a joke about time travel. But first, everything else.”
What’s your favorite joke in your set right now?
It’s an extended rant about how The Mona Lisa is completely misinterpreted. Long story short, if you think the Mona Lisa is “smiling”, your future is paved with restraining orders.
Who’s a performer you’re embarrassed to like?
Answer A) I actively try to allow myself to enjoy things without judgement. Life is compromise and misery, you should immerse yourself in whatever brings you joy, unless it’s cocaine. Don’t do cocaine, you’ll commit your life to a ridiculous cause, like trying to make a living off of a demographic that has no money by your own definition.
Answer B) Miley Cyrus. She leaves it all on the floor.
Your Top 5 Comedians of all time?
I don’t like “Top 5 of all time”, stand-up has a small history compared to other entertainment fields. There are empirical answers to this question: Pryor, Carlin, Moms Mabley etc. So I’m going to answer this question instead: Top 5 Comedians who currently work clubs (not theaters). Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Tig Notaro, Brian Regan yeah, stone cold killers, but you can’t see them in an intimate venue outside of LA. Clubs and other smaller venues are the best place to see comedy, and these are performers you can still catch there.
Greg Proops (BAS Local Legend)
Maria Bamford
Dave Attell
Rory Scovel
Myq Kaplan

Have anything coming up?
Wednesday June 17th, Imran G and I run PhotobombSF, a combination of stand-up, photobooth, and getting the explanation behind a comic’s most inexplicable facebook photo. Thursday through Sunday I’m going to be opening for Rory Scovel (see above list) and also a killer feature, Cory Loycasek.

twitter: @red_scott

Red will host the mic for Cory Loykasek and Rory Scovel @ Punchline June 18th – 20th

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