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Submit Your Picture, Become a Piece of Art

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Artist Ahree Lee wants your picture to include in her art project. A new video installation where Ahree combines photos of people from across the Bay Area.  Your mug, if you choose to accept this mission, will be included in her digital art project and displayed at the Asian Art Museum Thursday Night July 23, 2015.


The project is about Bay Area people from different communities and inspired by Korean wrapping cloths, or bojagi, often used to wrap gifts. Bojagi are created by sewing together small scraps of fabric into a patchwork design full of beauty and utility from what would otherwise be wasted.  The Aritst’s Statement: My work uses digital technology to facilitate self-examination and the manipulation of subjects over time.

So! If you want to see your face in a museum, submit a pic today!  (Deadline is July 2nd)  I know Stuart and I will definitely be submitting portraits of ourselves.

Submission Form HERE

Submit a digital photo with the following specifications

  • Size and resolution should be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels (preferably higher if possible)
  • Subject should be against a neutral, light
  • Colored background (no crazy patterns or stripes)
  • Lighting should be even, no strong shadows
  • Subject should be facing the camera
  • Top of head should be well within the top edge of the photo
  • Top of shoulders should be visible above the bottom edge of photo
  • Head should be horizontally centered
  • File (.jpg) should be titled with the subject’s name, like so: “firstname_lastname.jpg” (for example: jane_doe.jpg)

Artist’s Site:

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