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How To Create A 50 X 120 ft Mural in San Francisco

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It’s not paint by numbers exactly, it’s a step-by-step booklet, for you to get, your HUGE mural game on track.

Step 1: Find a canvas

ArtSpan, the organization behind SF Open Studios and the reason many good artists can still live in San Francisco, has scored a 9-month lease on 6,000 square feet of office space at Market and Van Ness. The former home to The Wall Street Journal at 1540 Market will be the home to approximately 25 artists for the next 9 months!  And what do artists do to buildings? Make them pretty of course, take this grey, industrial, drivel for example:

11642040_10153294061615358_1618598089_o (1)

Step 2: Get 40 Gallons of Paint and a Joshua Coffy:


Step 3: Make a Drawing W/ Square Thingies


Drawing on squares means ‘scale’…Bob Ross taught me that

 Step 4: Invite a Team of Rad Artists

Step 5: Give Artists Paint Brushes, Put Artists in Scissors Lifts

Day 3 Progress (1)

Step 6: Ask ArtSpan Director Joen Madonna What she thinks:

“The simple truth of the matter is artists are resilient and resourceful,” says ArtSpan Executive Director, Joen Madonna. “They have an uncanny ability to thrive in circumstances others would find too daunting. And while these spaces are temporary—the building is to be razed for housing once permits have been approved—it remains one of ArtSpan’s key missions to create more spaces for artists in the City.”

Step 7: Take Group Photo


Step 8: Thank ArtSpan for continuing to keep our city a more creative place

ArtSpan, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is committed to cultivating a vibrant, accessible, and world-class art community in San Francisco and to promoting the city’s unique creative energy locally and globally. We champion an inclusive art experience by providing hundreds of local artists with the equal opportunity to showcase their work and make direct connections to diverse audiences and patrons. We are guided by the belief that artists play a vital role in society and that broad public engagement with their work is essential to defining a new cultural environment for our changing city. More information:

And to all the artists who helped:

Adam Nesbit
Amy Ahlstrom
Ashley Bell
Celeste Lindahl
Claudio Talavera Ballon
Cristine Blanco
Dan Arcos
Gladys Lam Wong
Harvey Abernathey
Hilary Mason
Joseph Aponte
James Friesen
Kristine Brandt
Leah Tummerman
Lexie Bouwsma
Megan McMahon
michelle echenique
Nicole Visimara
Rafe Mischel
Stacey Rivet
Melisa Phillips
Stacey Rivet
Tej Greenhill
Allison Snopek
Theresa Summer
Barb Coffy
Darwin Summer Coffy
Shane Izykowski
Sonia Leticia



Excellent Photography By Celeste Lindahl

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