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Sometimes the internet can be just terrible, or catty, or time consuming and even nonsensical.  But sometimes, when you combine all of those things, you get something puuuurely magical.  Our Kinda Late Show w/ Broke-Ass Stuart guest used her love of Benedict Cumberbatch, photoshop, and hilarity to create something that would make anyone smile, it also inspired others to create their own images.  We bring you the Benedict Catbatch Tumblr by author, humorist, and sci-fi enthusiast Bonnie Burton:

tumblr_nd5kjfyaOk1s2i348o1_1280 tumblr_n2e1ixoKFy1qh66wqo7_500


tumblr_n2e1ixoKFy1qh66wqo3_500 (1)



Check out Stuart’s Interview With author and Catbatch creator Bonnie Burton From the 5th Kinda Late Show at Doc’s Lab:

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