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The 9 Best Pianos In Golden Gate Park

Updated: Jul 16, 2015 23:12
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There is magic everywhere my friends, and for the next week or so you will be able to hear it in the park.  Artists Mauro Ffortisimo and Dean Mermell placed pianos all over the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park, in part to celebrate the garden’s 75th birthday, and in part to simply do something awesome for us.  From a music teacher playing ragtime, to a pro playing rock interpretations, to a friend playing Mozart, if you’ve got love for nature and music, you won’t find a happier marriage than this.

AHEM, now enough with the sentimental stuff.  We hit the park on Sunday to find THE HOTTEST 9 pianos around, we got the scoop on which spots are hot and which spots are soooo last weekend.  Here are the pianos that made the cut

9. Great Meadow

grand meadow

This Ivers & Pond Antique was trending HARD last weekend

8.  California Native

California Native

This standard upright was cool on Saturday but as you can see the hipsters have now taken over

7. Australia

Australia 1

This grand piano in the Australian outback is rising up the charts fast


6.Redwood Grove

Redwood Grove

This hidden gem in the redwoods used to be our #1 but as you can see its been taken over by hardcore scenesters. Lines of 2-5 minutes wrap around the bramble pushes, its OUT OF CONTROL


5. Mediterranean Garden

Meditereanean garden

The Dr. Seuss style trees at this location really set it off, this place is totally fab for afternoon cocktails and bird calling


4.  Garden of Fragrance


2 minutes later a full on piano fight erupted


3. Zellerbach Garden

piano 5346

Just Grand


2.  Rhododendron Garden

rhododendran garden

This is where you try to say ‘rhododendron’ 5 times fast


1.  Moon Viewing Garden

The NUMBER ONE hot spot in all of San Francisco Golden Gate Park this week…

Moon Viewing 2

Hovering above hundreds of gallons of fresh water with a full view of the moon from 9pm-5am this Japanese inspired location is talk the of town and the hottest thing in piano right now

This art project does have a weekend schedule, there are pros and amateurs poised to play.  Check it out on the Sunset Piano website.  Ends July 20th…

piano opus


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1 Comment

  1. sfrobink
    July 20, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    That was fun piano commentary! Wanted to add for the upright piano #4 in the fragrance garden, as I was playing on it, three small kids wanted to see how its insides worked and the parents were very busy pulling them out of the top of it! Then one kid almost fell into the adjacent fish pond, so I think that’s why they moved the piano onto the nearby lawn.