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The Funniest/Cutest Craigslist Missed Love Connections in NYC

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One of my favorite past times is pursuing the Missed Connections section. It can be funny, heartwarming, scary and everything in between. When I lived in Greenpoint I regularly took the L train. One of my good pals I would refer to it as the Love Train as he always found some dude on it that was ‘just like so gorgeous.” And to be fair it is a pretty good looking train. So congratulations L train commuters on those pretty mugs. Keep up the good work and best of luck in your quest for romance on the rails.


WANTED: Conversation (m4w)

“You: Black dress, black sandals, silvery hair tinted sea-foam green, large black-rimmed glasses in that resurgent eighties style, bright red lipstick, lightning-blue eyes that met mine for a brief second.

Me: Some bearded guy in a Hudson Whiskey cap, green corduroys, green Pumas, and a gray T-shirt declaring a belief that books are sometimes better companions than people. I stood at the center pole reading Georges Perec and surreptitiously glancing in your direction.”

Are French novelists and resurgent eighties style really compatible? Good luck pretentious beardo, it should be easy to find in Williamsburg.  

Pull Ups on the L Train (m4m)

“Great energy doing the pull ups and love the tight jeans. Should’ve kept talking to you and your friends. I had the man bun, let’s re-connect this weekend in Brooklyn.”

Tight jeans and a man bun?! Sounds like a hunk. Hope you nab him.

Mustache, late for band practice? (w4m)

“You were running for the L train, I got on after you. I was dressed like a 5 year old, black hair, tattoos, listening to the same record on repeat. Just wanted to say you were cute and you looked like 1982, had a Greg Norton vibe. That’s a good thing…”


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There’s nothing wrong with dressing like a 5 year old. Most of my shirts are from the little boys’ department. But let me be honest, it might be confusing trying to find a guy that looks like this on Lorimer.

Hipster Boy, where are you? (m4m)

“There was a short, beautiful hipster boy on the L train around 8:30pm going towards brooklyn. He had tattoos on his right arm, not sure if on left as well. Glasses, gelled hair, scruff/beard, and he got off at the Jefferson stop. Wearing a black button up and black pants. You were sitting right next to the door. I think we were looking at each other, and if I’m right, find me pls!!! (I have long hair, glasses and tattoos)”

It’s a good thing no one in Brooklyn has long hair, glasses, or tattoos.

Infinite Jest & Blue Keds (w4w)

“You were carrying a copy of Infinite Jest and wearing blue keds. It was around midnight on Saturday and you got on a Brooklyn bound L at Union Square.

I was in a floral romper, puffy-eyed from crying and About ready to give up on life in New York. I was too embarrassed to look you in the eye but I felt your stare all the way to 1Av.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart however for not breaking that stare and for asking me if I was alright before I got off the train. It was a gentle reminder from the Universe that I am not alone in this city. “

I think David Foster Wallace would be proud to know his writing inspired such beautiful connections between two strangers.

A Good Morning Train (m4m)

“This was the second time I have seen you. You got on at Bedford ave and got off on 1st. You were definitely sexy pa. loved your tattoos and seeing you in your basketball shorts, made me want to work out or dance with you. You’re also a good dancer. Latino, great height, muscular build, amazing eyes, and beautiful smile…damn. When we got off I noticed that you went into the BIMC, a block from where I work. Wish I could have stopped in. Anyway, not sure if you’ll see this, but wanted to say that you are sexy as hell! Hit me back if you want and tell me the name of the band you had on your shirt.”

Wait….How does he know this guy is a good dancer? Did he just fantasize about dancing with him? This is confusing.

Shoes of a Goddess (m4w)

“We were waiting for the L train at the same area. I noticed you right away and from time to time we made eye contact, you had shorts on, a button up blouse I think and some nice looking shoes. The shoes were amazing. I wish I would’ve said something to you, you were really pretty. Can you tell me the shoes you were wearing?”

This could be a modern telling of Cinderella, maybe they were a pair of glass Converse. Hmmm…probably not comfortable for walking though.

Arizona skirt girl (m4w)

“You commented on how you liked my glasses and I commented on how I liked your everything. I believe you said we should hang out, I totally dropped the ball. I doubt you’ll ever see this, but if you do send your number I’d love to grab a drink with you sometime.”

“I’m glad you like my glasses, I need them to see.” Also, what a delightful sounding young man. He likes her everything. I bet he’s the type of guy that gets pizza will all the toppings.

Cemetery Joggers (m4w)

“Both in workout gear. Talked about jogging in cemeteries. I thought you were beautiful/we probably have some commonalities/yeah hi I would buy u coffee.”

Your commonalities is a fondness for the macabre me thinks.  Are you both  training for the zombie apocalypse? 

Hat Game on Point (m4m)

“Sunday nite, you sat down and had glasses and a funky hat, and I was in the corner with my instrument (like how that sounds). We glanced a few times, I should have said hello, and you got off at Morgan. If you want to say hi and maybe grab a coffee or something and chat, tell me a bit about your clothes etc so I know it’s you.”

There’s no way this guy wouldn’t send “junk mail” instead of a proper text. Pass.

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