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20Mission’s 3 Story ‘House Party’

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Photo by: Angela Van Den Eeden


Back in 2009, house parties were a simpler occasion. You’d open a keg you’d hid in your parents’ basement. Your friend Devin’s cousin’s band would play Blink-182 covers in the living room for free beer. Maybe that girl from your high school government class would show up. You forgot her name, but according to Facebook, she definitely got hotter. Finally, if the party got truly crazy, an Australian reporter would yell at you to take your sunglasses off during an interview the following morning.

Australian High School ‘Party legend’ Corey Worthington

However, none of these time-honored house party traditions suffice in 2015 San Francisco. Case in point: the “Too Big For Our House” Party thrown by 20Mission on Saturday night. This was no kegger-in-the-courtyard shebang for the co-op, which houses 45 young adults in San Francisco’s Mission District. Although other parties thrown by the co-op sometimes admit over 900 people, the residents decided that number just wasn’t big enough. 20Mission thus decided to rent out The Village, a three-story, 17,000-square foot event space on Market Street for their biggest party yet.


Photo by: Angela Van Den Eeden


In fact, calling it a “party” doesn’t justly describe this thing: 20Mission put on a multi-layered, packed, culturally explosive event. The 3-story venue, which has hosted parties for Twitter, Microsoft and Google, held 3 stages with performances from over 20 artists that continued until 4am. Every floor featured gorgeous, trippy interactive art, on par with art featured at festivals like Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle.


Photo by: Angela Van Den Eeden


Aerial dancers spun from the ceiling, and burlesque dancers took their clothes off much more gracefully than I could.


Photo by: Angela Van Den Eeden


The bar accepted debit. Robot Dance Party was there.

July 2105 053

Photo by: someone too old to be at this party


When getting drunk at your friend’s house, it is clearly no longer acceptable to reenact the video for Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). 20Mission has officially slapped down a new standard: party like a tech giant on the way to Burning Man.


Photo by: Angela Van Den Eeden

July 2105 067

Yeah, that’s a fuckin Keytar



Photo by: Angela Van Den Eeden


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