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BAS Up Your Alley 2015 In Pictures (NSFW)

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Hey pervs!  Heralding the hotter days to come with hos, hard-ons and harnesses, the 30th Annual Up Your Alley Street Fair busted through SoMa like a well-lubed fist.  Perhaps because it was an milestone year, this year’s festivities felt more the raunch rodeos of yore than Dore’s of recent memory.

And of course your intrepid BAS street team was on the ground (occasionally, literally on the ground) to catch all the sluttiness in it’s full glory hole and snap lots of tasty pics of SF’s finest home-grown and visiting degenerates that you can scroll through, juts in case you were feeling a little shy that Sunday.  Just remember to have your jockstrap ready for Folsom in a couple of months.  In the meantime we give you it’s “dirty little brother”, with photos by our correspondent Gera Mendez:

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The 30th Annual Up Your Alley Fair 

Sleazy, easy, breezy, beautiful was Folsom Street as whips cracked and boots were blacked.


dore 5

dore 2

dore 3

Dan De Leon on deck.


dore 4

Boomer braces his bud.


dore 6

dore 10

dore 11

Let your freak flag fly.


dore 14

dore 15

dore 13

dore 7

dore 16

Bright eyed and teddy-tailed.

Bright eyed and teddy-tailed.

dore 26

dore 8

Box boy.


The creamy center.

The creamy center.


dore 27

dore 28

dore 17

Low hanging fruit.


dore 21

dore 18

dore 20

¿Quieres mi pipa?

¿Quieres mi pipa?

Why settle for feathers when you can have the real thing?

Why settle for feathers when you can have the real thing?

dore 1

Dee Wallace, is that you?



Glory Hole at Tank 18

Sometimes there are watering holes, sometimes the holes make you water.

dore 24

dore 23

Tyrolean treat.

Tyrolean treat.

Up Your Alley at the SF Eagle

After the fair was a veritable smorgasbord where you could glut, glut, glut while twirling to the spinnings of Frankles, Donimo, Dano, Ernie Cote, Bus Station John, Steve Fabus and Jim Piechota.

dore 32

dore 33

All that glitters


dore 49

dore 51

Life’s a banquet, Patrick, darling!


dore 50

dore 31

Sunday muscle mass.


dore 52

dore 54

dore 55


dore 56



dore 57


dore 53

dore 58

dore 44

dore 59

dore 35

dore 39

dore 38

dore 37

dore 36

dore 42

dore 43

dore 61

dore 40

dore 41

dore 46

dore 47

dore 48

dore 45


dore 60

dore 30

Well there it is, sluts.  Is it all coming back now?  Well rest up pups, and see ya in September!


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Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

Stephen Torres - Threadbare-Fact Finder (Editor, San Francisco)

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