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Artist You Should Know: Jeff Manley

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Jeff Manley has been a cartoonist since he first learned what it meant to be a cartoonist. For the past 15 years Jeff has been chasing the dream of professional cartooning. Often overlooked, he keeps drawing. Not looking for attention or fame, just drawing for the love of drawing.
  “Guido Frackers: Cat Assassin” via Jeff Manley

“I loved Peanuts, Garfield, Mad magazine, and literally anything that I could get my hands on.” Through the years Jeff has been waiting in the shadows for the right time for to burst onto the scene. Practicing, drawing, sketching, he moved into webcomics. He started his first webcomic called Manley Days back in 2005.

Manely Days  via Jeff Manley

I worked on it on and off for 5 years. It chronicled the daily adventures of my ever growing family. I burned myself out trying to keep a daily schedule, and working full time, and with kids (4 of them), and doing everything a husband is asked to do by my loving wife… so sadly I ended it after 1,000 plus comic strips.”

Batteries Not Included
‘Punching the Clock” via Jeff Manley

From there Jeff went on to make his first graphic novel Gone: A Paranormal Extraction Team Adventure; although it was well received by it’s youthful readers it just didn’t seem to help push him out of those shadows. But this only focused him more and connected with some close writer friends to create the webcomics Punching the Clock and Terrorbads. Jeff said, “I wasn’t content with just a couple of projects, so I continued to work on tons comic projects at the same time. Like the weekly webcomic Treasure Hunter and a sequel to Gone, both of which ended up being collected into my self-published graphic novel Fail.”
Image via Jeff Manley

After ending the two year weekly run on Terrorbads, he soon started another weekly webcomic called The Team. Jeff continues to work on pitches for original graphic novels and is doing tons of drawing at conventions. Jeff has since also decided to jump back into a new version Manley Days, which should be collected in mid-2016. “If you like my work, find me on most social media sites. If you LOVE my work, search my name on Amazon and purchase one of my books.”

“Commissions” via Jeff Manley
I’ve been a fan of Jeff’s style for a long time. He’s some how able to make things both cute and gritty. He’s definitely distinct. But more importantly he’s driven and lives to draw. Artists like Jeff need to be shared because a little praise keeps the light burning a little brighter. If you dig is art as much as I do take a gander at his Tumblr page. And if you’d like to see him render one of your favorite characters his ver affordable commissions page is here. Jeff also has a Patreon page to get monthly tidbits. He’s always open to knew challenges so hit him up either on Twitter or send this guy an email over at
“Red Sonja”  via Jeff Manley
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